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Adventures with Pumpkins

07 Nov Posted by in Adventure | 18 comments
Adventures with Pumpkins

Adventures with Pumpkins

Ok, so I know Halloween is over and it’s now November, but I just had to share one final “October” adventure that I just know you’ll love.

Adventures with Pumpkins

See just before Halloween my mom and dad found this new orchard near my house that is super dog friendly! Because surprisingly most orchards in my area don’t allow pets, which is very odd to me.

*side note – I always call ahead when planning an adventure to find out if I’m allowed to accompany my family. You’d be surprised how pet friendly some places can be if you just ask first!

Adventures with Pumpkins

So I was thrilled to find out that I was allowed to accompany my family into the fields to pick out our pumpkins this year.

Adventures with Pumpkins

Next year I’m totally going to pick apples with my sister too! I’m just waiting for her to get a little taller so I can get a boost up in that tree!

Adventures with Pumpkins

Picking out pumpkins for everyone in the family wasn’t enough, because when it’s Halloween you have to carve them!

Adventures with Pumpkins

But since my sister is too little, and I have paws, that left mom and dad to do the dirty work. Don’t worry, I barked directions at them the whole time.

Adventures with Pumpkins

Adventures with Pumpkins

A short while later we had 4 pumpkins ready and waiting to be lit for Halloween night!

Granted they may not have been quite as elaborate as years past, but when you’re trying to squeeze in some pumpkin carving while your sister naps it’s about as good as it gets.

Adventures with Pumpkins

Adventures with Pumpkins

Adventures with Pumpkins

Happy Belated Haunting Everyone! Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

Which one of my pumpkins is your favorite?

  1. Tuff and his mommy Marnie11-07-16

    I love the pumpkin with the huge smile!

  2. Cathy Thompson11-07-16

    Great pictures!! Love the post Ammo!

  3. Dona11-07-16

    Ammo, you have great adventures, and great pictures! And great jack-o-lanterns; I think your parents did a great job. Of course, I’m sure your supervising was a big help.😄

  4. MaryScott Brandenburg11-07-16

    YAY! So many places pets can’t go. I hate it!

  5. Renee Murray11-07-16

    Can you please say which orchard you & your family went too? I believe you’re in Chester County PA & originally I’m from Delaware County, PA. I’d love to take our dachshund Daisy there.

  6. Donna Lauer Bucelli11-07-16

    I live near you Ammo. What orchard did you go to?

  7. April Schow11-09-16

    All the pumpkins look great! Our favorite is the one with the freaky big smile. Oooh!

  8. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso11-11-16

    What great fun to go pick out your pumpkins !
    Your mom and dad did a great job carving them..

  9. Jackie Pope Hall11-11-16

    PRECIOUS!!! Ammo, I love your twisted front paw. You are the spitting image of my beloved Sammy.

  10. Joyce Fox11-11-16

    Ammo, sis is stealing the show! How adorable!

  11. Karen Meloche Youngs11-11-16

    Great job carving the pumpkins! Apple picking next year will be so much fun!! ❤️

  12. Rebecca Ballou Stillman11-11-16

    Wonderful photo!❤️

  13. Sunny Mac11-11-16

    you’re a wonderful big brother <3

  14. Beverly Sizemore Jones11-11-16

    your such a good big brother

  15. Betsy Davis11-11-16

    The two of u r just adorable-rock on!

  16. Elisa Magliocca Reale11-12-16


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