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Fair Hill International 2016 from a Dog’s View

26 Oct Posted by in Adventure | 19 comments
Fair Hill International 2016 from a Dog’s View

Just like I did last year I decided to head out to the Fair Hill International Event in Maryland a few weekends back. This event at Fair Hill is one of the most prestigious international three day events in the world, and is the ultimate test of a horse and rider. Through tests in dressage, endurance, and stadium jumping the horse and rider teams work together to show that they can compete in the most demanding and highest levels of equestrian sports.

Fair Hill International 2016

To get to the event you have to ride on a school bus (the highlight for me)!

Fair Hill International 2016

Over the years I’ve become quite the expert at school bus riding. I mean just look how cool I look, I bet everyone will want to sit next to me!

Fair Hill International 2016

This year was a little different though, because I got to bring my sister along for the fun! And at just 9 weeks old I got to take her for her first school bus ride!

Fair Hill International 2016

Before I could give my sister all the cool kid tips we had arrived at the event, I was just going to have to teach her on the fly.

Fair Hill International 2016

We started off the day by visiting the main arena to watch the horses jumping.

Fair Hill International 2016

As exciting as the jumping was, I totally couldn’t help myself when I spotted a make-shift hole in the straw bales. It was calling my name…so I made a fort.

Fair Hill International 2016

After the jumping had wrapped up for the day I took my sister over to the kids play area.

Fair Hill International 2016

Immediately I was the cool kid in the play area too, even the Alpacas flocked to me for my autograph. 😉


We took selfies, and rode ponies, having ourselves a grand time.

Fair Hill International 2016

I even started teaching her how to REALLY ride.

Fair Hill International 2016

As you can see, she’s starting to get the hang of it. No hands already! She’s gonna be a daredevil just like me.

Fair Hill International 2016

And that’s where my adventure rearENDS. 😉 We had a fantastic fall day at Fair Hill International, and I got to teach my sister how to be really cool.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get to watch my sister competing at Fair Hill!

What was your favorite part about my adventure?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Kim Hunter10-26-16

    you are good big brother

  2. TracyCT10-26-16

    What a wonderful adventure! My favorite part was you teaching your beautiful sister how to REALLY ride.
    Love you Ammo!

  3. Christmas10-26-16

    That photo of you and your sister riding the horses is hilarious, Ammo!

  4. Donna B10-26-16

    What a beautiful family you have Ammo. Can’t wait to see more pictures of you and your sister.

  5. Cathy Thompson10-26-16

    Such cute pictures!

  6. JB10-26-16

    Wow, Ammo! So many fun things here, I don’t know where to start! Great photos, great adventure! Your little sister is so lucky to have you show her how to be a cool kid! XXXOOO

  7. Pat Henzey10-26-16

    Dear Ammo…

    The recent events with you and your sister Pyper are just precious!! I particularly like the selfie of you two riding ponies! Keep up the great adventures and share with us. Your sister is one lucky girl to have you as a big brother!

    All the best,

  8. Sunny Mac10-26-16

    Way to go Ammo

  9. Nancy Landfried10-26-16

    Loved the whole adventure!

  10. Lora Campbell Roberts10-26-16

    <3 - what a fun day! Pyper is so cute and she looks like Mom!

  11. Faye Morningstar10-26-16

    Babies don’t grow as fast as puppies do so don’t be surprised when she doesn’t take the school bus for a couple more human years heehee

  12. Melly Gaines10-27-16

    Your sister is so lucky she has you for a big brother

  13. Sunny Mac10-28-16

    Such a good big brother

  14. Joyce Fox10-28-16

    Ohhhh, she’s growing so fast Ammo! She’ll soon be a handful for your mom.

  15. Donna H Ingram10-28-16


  16. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso10-29-16

    You are the best big brother !!!

  17. Mary Lou Force10-29-16

    She is going to be the best-trained little girl in the whole world!

  18. Sabine MacKenzie10-29-16

    Ammo, your little sister is such a cutie <3

  19. MaryScott Brandenburg10-30-16

    Maybe barrel racing in her future?

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