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When We Met

17 Oct Posted by in Family | 31 comments
When We Met

Since a lot has happened when my sister was born 2 months ago on August 7th, I have a lot to catch everyone up on! So today I’m going to start at the beginning, the day we first met.

They Day Ammo the Dachshund Met His Little Sister

My sister had to stay in the hospital for 2 whole days after she was born. But finally the day came when she got to come home.

They Day Ammo the Dachshund Met His Little Sister

It was an agonizing wait for me, as I stayed at the farm with my pal Trooper while my family was in the hospital. It was especially hard when I got to smell her baby blanket days before she came home, but yet still I had to wait to meet her. Then finally it was August 9th, the day she came home.

They Day Ammo the Dachshund Met His Little Sister

As you could see in the video, I could hardly wait to meet her. I got to say hi to mom and dad first before she came inside, and I knew things were going to be different after sniffing mom’s belly when she walked in the door. My sister was out in the world now, and I was going to have to make sure she stayed safe.

They Day Ammo the Dachshund Met His Little Sister

Of course before I did that I had to open the present mom and dad brought me. Priorities.

(this is what I got*)
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They Day Ammo the Dachshund Met His Little Sister

But after that, it was love. I went everywhere sister went, and made sure no one was going to hurt her. That’s what big brothers do.

Now that she’s a little bigger I’ve let go a little and I’m not so clingy. I have to learn to let her be independent after all, as there is much to teach her! Don’t worry though, if anyone messes with her I’ve got a pretty big guard dog bark!

Is your dog as protective as me? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Beth Henkes10-17-16

    This is adorable, Ammo! You are going to be the very best big brother in the whole world!

  2. Judy Sanders10-17-16

    I enjoyed your blog and you did so well, so proud of you <3

  3. Mary Lou Force10-17-16

    Oh, Ammo. The video of you meeting your new sister is so sweet it makes me cry. I guess it was love at first sight, eh?

  4. JB10-17-16

    Oh…my….goodness. Ammo, this is just the sweetest thing ever! It brought tears to my eyes. You are the “bestest” big brother in the whole world! XXX OOO

  5. Hilary10-17-16

    Everyone asked my mom how the baby was when my eldest sister came home from the hospital. “The baby was fine,” my mom would reply. “The dog (a dachshund) broke out in hives.” Glad you fared better, Ammo. But like you, Sego (the dog) was all about looking after her sister.

  6. Kim Pahutski10-17-16

    So sweet. I am sure she loves you just as much.

  7. Karen Love10-17-16

    such a sweet video 🙂

  8. Kathy Barter10-17-16

    Thank you for sharing Ammo! You’re a good big brother!

  9. Susan Ladd10-17-16

    Ammo you are awesome big brother and I am sure you are going to have so many memories in the future. Take Care Your Friend Hollie the Lifesaver <3

  10. Tuff and his mommy Marnie10-17-16

    Ammo, that made me cry!
    I think Pyper was just as excited to meet you too, she was kicking her legs and loving those kisses! You are going to be a super big brother.

  11. Dona10-17-16

    Oh Ammo, that video is so precious as are the photos. I’ve enjoyed all your posts about you looking forward to your sister’s arrival and how you were preparing to be a good big brother. I’m glad you two are enjoying each other so much.
    P.S. Your present is cute. I seem to remember you having a bumble bee that was your favorite toy. Is this its sister?

  12. Rhonda Herning10-17-16

    Such a sweet greeting. I’m sure she loves u just as much!

  13. Marilyn Kennedy10-17-16

    How sweet!

  14. My Dachshund Family10-18-16

    Such a Sweet video, thanks for sharing!

  15. Jana10-18-16

    You really looked excited Ammo.
    Of course a new baby in the world is enough to excite anyone. Glad to see your watching our for her as well.

  16. Glenda Liz10-21-16


  17. Cathy Thompson10-21-16

    Oh my how sweet! Such a wonderful big brother!!

  18. Renée de Bruin10-21-16

    She has the most amazing legs, your sister.

  19. Eva10-22-16

    Ammo, what a great big brother you’re becoming!!🐾💕🐶 looking forward to more of your adventures. Xoxo

  20. Leigh10-24-16

    Ammo, I’m sure you’ll be a great big brother to your sister. I know you can’t wait that she grows a little older so you both can play together.

  21. Roco Roco11-06-16

    I am a very protective guard dog, too! Pyper is safe with you!!!

  22. Marnie White06-01-17


  23. Judy Sanders06-01-17

    your sister so cute, and those long legs…she’ ll be chasing you soon

  24. Jackie Pope Hall06-01-17

    The video is so adorable!!!! Baby P has the longest little baby legs!!! Soooooo cute!!!

  25. Lisa McFadden-Elliot06-01-17

    Ammo I’m loving all the tail wagging in the video

  26. Susan Meyer06-01-17

    My animals got to meet their niece on Monday. The only one who is gaga for Fiora is Toto. None of the others don’t give her the time of day….

  27. Susan Gibson Snodgrass06-01-17

    I believe your sister is the longest baby I’ve ever seen, Ammo.

  28. Ele Lovewell Clancy-Thompson06-01-17

    So cute. Love the batman blanket too! Where did you get it?

  29. Elaine Norris06-01-17

    bless you and your family Ammo xx

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