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Ammo’s 8th Year

05 Oct Posted by in Birthday | 69 comments
Ammo’s 8th Year

Today is my 8th Birthday! A day of celebration!

Ammo's 8th Birthday

Just as in previous years I love to take this day to look back at all the amazing adventures I’ve had over the past year. So mom helped me whip up my year in review video, with lots of never before shared pictures and videos of me and my sister!

Ammo's 8th Birthday

This year I’ve got a new Birthday buddy to share all the fun with, who coincidentally also turns 8 weeks old on the 7th!

Ammo's 8th Birthday

So kick up your heels and join me in celebrating my 8th Birthday! Something tells me this next year is going to be full of fun and I can’t wait!

Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Kathy Barter10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  2. Jackie Pope Hall10-05-16

    Love you Ammo! <3

  3. Rachael Chiseck Young10-05-16

    Happy birthday, Ammo!!

  4. Jena Manos10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo! May you have many more!

  5. Alex Hache Becerra10-05-16

    Happy birthday, dear Ammo. I hope you have a great day

  6. Kim Hunter10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo

  7. Jill Ebding10-05-16

    Happy Happy Birthday Ammo!!! I hope it’s awesome and you get spoiled!! You’re doing great as a big brother to Pyper!! 🙂

  8. Hansel Butters10-05-16

    Happy birthday Ammo!!!

  9. Rebecca Carr Bonker10-05-16

    Happy birthday, Ammo. Have a great day celebrating with your new sister!

  10. Leslie Frederick10-05-16

    Happy Birthday handsome pup!

  11. Amanda Sandoval10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!!! Hope you have a paw-some day!!

  12. Matt DesJardins10-05-16

    Happy birthday Ammo!!!! 🙂

  13. Judy Sanders10-05-16

    y our the cutesst birthday boy ever

  14. Diane Littlejohn10-05-16

    Happy Birthday, Ammo! Love the video on your blog post!

  15. JB10-05-16

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMMO!! I LOVE YOU!! Hope you get lots of presents and cookies! XXXOOO

  16. Susan Ladd10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo and hope it is a good one 🙂 Enjoy Your Friend Hollie the Lifesaver <3

  17. Christine Bessio Santo10-05-16

    Ammo the Dachshund it’s my husbands Vincent Santo’s birthday too!!! . Happy birthday!

  18. MaryScott Brandenburg10-05-16

    Happy 8th birthday Ammo!!! I hope you have a pawsome day and get lots of treats and presents!!

  19. Pamela Cleckler Wilson10-05-16

    Happy birthday Ammo

  20. Deborah Melanson10-05-16

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ammo the Dachshund!! Today we celebrate a king among dachshunds!!! You have touched the lives and hearts (and paws) of many!! Loved your video over on Hug Your Dachshund!! Have fun (and maybe stir up a little trouble too!!)

  21. Susan Humphrey10-05-16

    And what a year it was! Great Video! Happy Birthday Ammo. You are still the cutest dachshund ever!!!

  22. Cindy Long10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!! sending you lots of birthday wishes and hugs for you to have a GREAT!!!!!! day! loved the video!! I just wish your mom would post her organizational skill tips – with a husband and a baby and a dachshund, she is the most organized woman I know of!!!

  23. Alichar Smith10-05-16

    Happy, happy, happy birthday Ammo!!!

  24. Beth Henkes10-05-16

    Yay! Happy birthday, Ammo, from your buddy Winston and me! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Patricia Campagnone10-05-16

    Happy Birthday sweetie

  26. Shelley P10-05-16

    Happy birthday Ammo! Hope it’s as special as you 🙂

  27. John Wood10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  28. Linda Crawford Feit10-05-16

    Happy bday

  29. Karen Meloche Youngs10-05-16

    Happiest Birthday to you Ammo!!

  30. Betsy Davis10-05-16

    AVery Happy Birthday to UUUUUU-may your year be full of happiness and adventures!

  31. Brenda Brake10-05-16

    Happy Birthday, Ammo! You wear it well

  32. Dorian-Elliot Hennessey10-05-16

    Happy birthday Ammo. We hope you have a pawesome day

  33. Leif Eric Carlson10-05-16

    Happy birthdayyyyyy, dear Ammo! ❤

  34. Rocco M Cavallo10-05-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo the Dachshund!

  35. Marysia Welnicki10-05-16

    Happy birthday from hazel & holly 🙂

  36. Jennifer Hite10-05-16

    Happy birthday ammo hope it’s the best birthday ever sweetheart love from tx ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  37. Kim Hagen Paschedag10-05-16

    Happy birthday!

  38. Laura Lathom Brlan10-05-16

    Happy 8th Birthday, Ammo! Hope you get lots of treats!!

  39. Janine Missimer10-05-16

    ✨✨ Happy Birthday✨✨

  40. Mary Beth Colter10-05-16

    Happy big 8 Birthday, big brother!!

  41. Lori Stinner10-05-16

    “HaPpY BiRfDaY Ammo!” Luv, Monty Chi-wa

  42. Rhonda Snell Tibbetts10-06-16

    Zoe the Snowbird Dachshund and I wish you a Happy Birthday

  43. Marnie White10-06-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!
    You have just the best day ever with your family and friends! And you and Trooper show Pyper how the big kids party!! ❤

  44. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso10-06-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo !
    The video your parents posted of your eighth year brought me to tears !!
    It was fabulous!
    Such family love..

  45. Tuff and his mommy Marnie10-05-16

    Happy Happy Birthday!
    What a great video…Mom and Dad, thank you so much for sharing your life with us!
    Love and kisses to you Ammo!

  46. Janet Wilson10-06-16

    Happy birthday, handsome boy! FANTASTIC video!

  47. Scrappy Angel10-05-16

    Happy HAPPY Birthday Ammo! You are one lucky dog!

  48. Mary Lou Force10-06-16

    Ammo, did you know that 8 is my absolute favorite age? You handsome devil. Happy Birthday!

  49. Kate Miller10-06-16

    Happy 8th birthday dear Ammo,

  50. Line Aganier10-06-16

    Happy birthday

  51. Veronica Longworth10-06-16

    Happy birthday Ammo.

  52. Beverly Sizemore Jones10-07-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo the Dachshund

  53. Jennifer Crist10-08-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!! Wishing you a year full of adventure and new experiences.

  54. Shari Penniston10-08-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo! Enjoy your cake this year for next year your sister will want some too!

  55. Susan R Simpson10-08-16

    Awwww Happy Birthday Ammo and Pyper, that is an adorable picture.

  56. Donna B10-07-16

    Ammo you have certainly had an exciting year. Happy Birthday to you and your beautiful sister.

  57. MaryScott Brandenburg10-08-16

    Love this photo! 8 weeks and 8 years; that’s a lot of good 8s to celebrate!!

  58. Amy Francisco10-08-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!!

  59. Betty DePuy10-08-16

    Happy Birthday Ammo & Pyper! You are both so adorable!!

  60. Betsy Davis10-08-16

    On to more adventures u two!

  61. Janine Missimer10-08-16

    Happy Birthday to you both. 8 years✨ And 8 weeks

  62. Melly Gaines10-08-16

    Especially love your year in pictures

  63. Lorraine Pearl10-08-16

    Ace says happy 8

  64. JanSteve Strickland10-12-16

    So Precious happy birthday Ammo and Paper! Soooooo cute!

  65. Roco Roco11-06-16

    Happy Birthday, Ammo! You are such a special doggie! And Puper is in good hands with you! Thank you for shari g your creative video with us! Your parents are pretty special, too! So much love!!! May you have more exciting adventures in the coming year!
    Love, Roco

  66. Roco Roco11-06-16

    Oops! I meant to write Pyper!!!

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