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Meet My Sister

03 Oct Posted by in Family | 28 comments
Meet My Sister

So It’s been a little while since I’ve checked back in with all of you, but it’s been for a good reason! Many of you may have already seen the good news on Facebook, but on August 7, 2016 the newest member of my family made her long awaited appearance!

Meet My Sister // Ammo gets a sibling

Meet Pyper!

While I couldn’t be there for the actual birth (apparently even well behaved dogs like myself aren’t allowed in the maternity ward at the hospital) Mom tells me she weighed 7lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long. That’s almost as long as me!

Meet My Sister // Ammo gets a sibling

And from the day she was born she had these super long beautiful eyelashes, you know the kind only girls are supposed to have.

Meet My Sister // Ammo gets a sibling

Nearly 2 months have passed since Pyper was born, and we’ve already gone on lots of adventures together. I can’t wait to share more about what we’ve been up to lately, but there’s a reason it’s taken me so long to even share with all of you on the blog that she’s finally here …

Meet My Sister // Ammo gets a sibling

….sister never quite got the newborn memo that napping is fun! Obviously she doesn’t take after her big brother, but don’t worry, I’m trying my hardest to teach her how fun naps can be.

So while during the day my sister is up and ready for fun most of the time, she mostly gives me my beauty rest at night by sleeping 7 – 8 hours! But this also means Mom, Dad, and I are stretched pretty thin trying to get things done at the shop during the day (while also taking care of sister) as well as all the usual fun activities we like to do that take up time.

I plan to share more of our adventures with all of you soon, but it just may take me a little longer than normal to keep the blog updated at a regular pace. But incase you were still missing your daily dose of Ammo, I have been, and always will be updating my Instagram and Facebook Pages. So make sure you’re following me on there! Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity


Adventure Awaits! So stay tuned!

  1. JB10-03-16

    Welcome back Ammo!! I’ve missed you! Been following you on FB, but it’s just not the same as seeing your email pop into my In Box. Little Pyper is a doll; LOVE seeing the photos of you together. XXX OOO

  2. Rebecca Ballou Stillman10-03-16

    Ammo; take your time with the blog. Being a great big brother is the #1 most important job you have right now! Sister will thank you later!

  3. Alida Titchenal10-03-16

    It gets better! She is just like my daughter- great sleeper at night but refused to be set down for naps during the day. Now she’s an excellent napper as well as nighttime sleeper at almost 2 years old.

  4. Denise Gruzensky10-03-16

    Congratulations Ammo and family! She’s stunning! Smiles, Barks & Wagging Tails, Denise & ~Shasta

  5. Melly Gaines10-03-16

    She’s adorable! And it takes a while to do anything after a baby moves in.

  6. Mary Lou Force10-03-16

    She is so beautiful.

  7. MaryScott Brandenburg10-03-16

    Your sister has killer eyelashes!!! Sleeping during the day will get better!

  8. Jana Drilling10-03-16

    You are such a good big brother.

  9. Anna Rogers10-03-16

    Your sister is a beauty. I hope that my doggies will take a cue from you and one day be good big sisters.

  10. Cathy Thompson10-03-16

    Beautiful little girl!

  11. Elizabeth Potter10-03-16

    You look HUGE next to your baby sister!

  12. Donna B10-03-16

    What a beautiful sister you have. Babies do tend to not sleep too much during the day but at least she is sleeping at night. I can’t wait for your net blog. Congrats to all of you on Pyper.

  13. TracyCT10-03-16

    Your baby sister is just adorable. But so are you Ammo! I can tell you are being the very best big brother. What do you do when she cries?

  14. April Schow10-03-16

    Those eyelashes are amazing!! Ammo, don’t worry about not keeping up with your blog lately. You and your mom and dad have a new schedule out there waiting to find you, that will help make fitting everything in easy again. Just give it time. And you have such a beautiful baby sister to lead you all there. Before you know it, she’ll have those naps down! And each day that goes by, she’ll get better and better at hanging out and helping the family. Enjoy the time now while she’s stationary. When she can move around on her own, you’ll have to chase her down. Haha! Good luck, Ammo! & congrats to your whole family!

  15. Christa Harrell10-04-16

    Oh my, you 2 are so adorable!!!!

  16. JUDY10-04-16

    Keep on being a good babysitter and soon your sister will be ready to play with you. She is adoarble and a real keeper . Thanks for the upddate.

  17. Lisa Bishop10-04-16

    What a beautiful sister and best friend for life! You are one lucky dog – but no more lucky than she is to have you!

  18. Jennifer Hite10-04-16

    So sweet buddy

  19. Roco Roco10-05-16

    Hi Ammo Boy!

    So nice to read you again! And you are your sister are so adorable together! Those long eyelashes of hers are quite noticeable,cutie baby, too! Xoxoxo

  20. Jess & Mini10-05-16

    Hopefully Pyper decides to become a napping pro like you. Atleast she dosen’t wake up during the night 🙂 And, happy birthday Ammo!🎂🍰 I can’t Belive you are already 8! 😀

  21. Amanda & Barbarella10-05-16

    Nice to meet your sister, Pyper, Ammo! I’m sure some day she’ll learn that napping is fun 🙂
    Happy birthday Ammo!! Hope you have a wonderful party!

  22. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso10-06-16

    You two are adorable !!

  23. Karen Meloche Youngs10-06-16

    Pyper is SOOOOO cute, just like her big brother ❤️

  24. Jennifer Hite10-06-16

    Can’t wait

  25. Sabine MacKenzie10-06-16

    Hello Ammo <3 Your little sister Pyper is so sweet <3 I love to see pictures of you with your little sister.

  26. Jessica @YouDidWhatWithYourWiener10-09-16

    Congratulations again. Pyper is beautiful. Besides long eyelashes, she has long legs too 🙂 I’m glad Ammo is loving her.

    • Ammo10-09-16

      Thanks! We’re having lots of fun! 😊

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