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Certified Baby Gear Tester

08 Jul Posted by in Family | 21 comments
Certified Baby Gear Tester

With the anticipated date of my little sister’s arrival getting closer and closer I’ve found myself with a brand-new, very important, job to do!

Certified Baby Gear Tester

Certified Baby Gear Tester! And I’ve totally earned the title too because I’ve been testing a whole lot of gear….

Certified Baby Gear Tester

Certified Baby Gear Tester

Certified Baby Gear Tester

Certified Baby Gear Tester

Most of these baby items have passed my rigorous inspection, however there may be a few I have to confiscate. For no other reason other than they look more like they are built for a furry little sausage body instead of a baby. 😉

Either way, I’m sure my sister won’t mind sharing a few of her baby gear items with me anyway….especially since I went to all the trouble of testing them for safety for her first!

Does your dog have a human sibling they like to share “gear” with?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Alida07-08-16

    My 20 month old LOVES all things that belong to the dog. The dog does a pretty good job of leaving the toddler’s things alone.

  2. Dachshunds07-08-16

    I always love everything like this

  3. Cindy Long07-08-16

    I just know that you are going to be a great big brother Ammo! sending prayers and good wishes to you and your humans 🙂

  4. June Bryce07-08-16

    Ha ha so cute

  5. Jane D07-08-16

    Ammo, I just know you are going to be the bestest big brother ever! 😃

  6. Christmas the Dachshund07-08-16

    BOW WOW, you’ll make a grrreat big brother, Ammo! I just laugh at all those Dachshunds who aren’t good with kids and are too protective…you and I are nothing like that! I live with 5 kids and I love them to bids. You are a great gear tester! 😉

  7. Joyce Fox07-08-16

    Fits you well Ammo…altho your sister will want to run with you soon enough.

  8. Dona07-08-16

    Wow Ammo, you’ve been working hard to help get ready for your sister’s arrival. As someone commented previously, she may outgrow some of the gear fairly quickly and then you can claim it as your own. Plus, then it will have all sorts of great sniffs on it, like your sister’s scent and maybe some food spills. And wait until she starts eating solid foods – under her high chair will be your favorite place! It’s Doxie heaven!

  9. Donna Lauer Bucelli07-08-16

    Good doggie.

  10. JB07-08-16

    Hey Ammo – you’re the BEST, testing all that gear for your baby sister! You’re going to make a fantastic big brother! She’ll be lucky to have you. XXXOOO

  11. Kimmy Michael07-09-16

    You seem to “roll” with changes sweet

  12. MaryScott Brandenburg07-10-16

    I know you will be pawsome with your little sister!!

  13. Mary Grace Alarcon07-10-16

    Oh…you’ll hve new playmate.

  14. Dachshunds07-11-16

    Absolutely adore anything like this

  15. Lora Campbell Roberts07-11-16

    You are a great big brother!

  16. Susan R Simpson07-11-16

    Great job Ammo, your going to be a great big brother.

  17. Karen Meloche Youngs07-11-16

    How exciting!!!!!! You’ll be the best big brother ever!!! Good job testing all the baby gear ❤️

  18. Marta Nilsson07-11-16

    What a lucky little sister! And she’ll get lots of kisses from you too!

  19. Roco Roco08-02-16

    Haaa! Ammo, you make a great baby-gear tester! And I am sure that your little baby sister will be okay with you “sharing” her items! Wishing you and your parents a wonderful arrival. PS: You write so well, Ammo. Licks from Roco-Ange

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