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Dog Days at the Pool

24 Jun Posted by in Adventure, Sponsors | 22 comments
Dog Days at the Pool

Disclaimer: this post contains products from Martha Stewart Pets. All opinions are my own, and I only share products I think you and your pets will love.

Dog Days at the Pool

For Father’s Day last weekend I decided to hit up the pool. It was a perfectly hot day, which meant it was a great way to cool off in the summer heat.

Dog Days at the Pool

You may have even noticed my super cool new tank top, gifted to me from my pals at Martha Stewart Pets. I’m sure you can probably guess why I decided to wear it to the pool….

Dog Days at the Pool

….because when I flex it really shows off my guns! Which way to the pool ladies?

Dog Days at the Pool

After floating around for a bit it quickly became evident that there wasn’t going to be any ladies on this particular trip to the pool. Well unless you count mom and my aunts….but they don’t really count at all!

Dog Days at the Pool

That’s ok though, because the “FEED ME” sign on my back seemed to work pretty well as everyone thought I looked adorable and was happy to toss me a cookie or two while I was floating around. Score 1 for the Martha Stewart Pets Shark Tee!

Dog Days at the Pool

Eventually all my cousins showed up to play and it was time to strap on my life vest and get to the serious business of swimming!

Dog Days at the Pool

I even got in some quality time with my dad as I worked on my dog paddling skills.

Dog Days at the Pool

Swimming is a great calorie burner and I gotta keep up my fit figure for whenever those ladies do decide to show up at the pool!

Dog Days at the Pool

My most important job of the day though is when I’m put on life guard duty. Someone has to make sure the cousins don’t drown, and when things get out of hand I have no problem barking up a storm to alert everyone of all the “unsafe” antics going on in the water. And despite what mom and dad say, it is not annoying, it’s necessary!

Does your dog enjoy a good pool day? 

P.S. You can snag one of these super fun “Feed Me” Shark Tees from Martha Stewart Pets available exclusively at Petsmart.Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Sunny Mac06-24-16

    Does Ammon swim?

  2. Leigh06-24-16

    This sweet dog is adorable! Makes me want to get my own, but unfortunately I think my cat would get jealous!

  3. Pam B06-24-16

    OH AMMO, what adventures you do have, lol!!! That is the (cutest) most macho tank I’ve seen in a long time. And the “feed me” is just perfect for all doggies. Looks like you’ve started your summer off just right. Hope you have many more days at the pool this year. (And I’m sure those ladies will show up for you). Have a great weekend!!! Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  4. Kim Pahutski06-24-16

    Love Martha Stewart’s clothing for dogs and the toys. My Lilibug has many.

  5. Jennifer Hite06-24-16

    Looks you where having fun buddy ❤

  6. Dachshunds06-24-16

    Nice ?

  7. JB06-24-16

    Hey Ammo, I love everything about this post! Your Feed Me shirt is the best! Love the photos of you at the pool, flexing your guns…you handsome guy! And you’re a great life guard to boot. Ammo, you’re the whole package, for sure! XXXOOO

  8. Elaine Bischard Norris06-24-16

    lucky you , we have snow nearby 🙂

  9. Rebecca Ballou Stillman06-25-16

    Buddy misses his pool this year! (So do we!)

  10. Jackie Pope Hall06-27-16

    Your front paws. ❤️❤️❤️ Just like my Sammys.

  11. Mary Beth Colter06-27-16

    Determination & focus! Where’s that gopher hole?

  12. Deborah Melanson06-27-16

    Ammo the Dachshund You could visit Muscle Beach in that fly outfit!!!

  13. Mary Grace Alarcon06-27-16

    Ammo Ur so cuddly

  14. Dachshunds06-27-16

    such great comments guys :/

  15. Judy Sanders05-21-17

    oh baby P will love it

  16. Kat Andrews05-25-17

    Your such a help ordering her lifevest.. Got to keep her safe!

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