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My New Adventure as a Big Brother

27 May Posted by in Adventure, Farm | 46 comments
My New Adventure as a Big Brother

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Over the weekend mom and I arrived at the farm to find a celebration! Mom said it was a baby shower for my soon-to-be little sister, although the way I saw it was a celebration of me becoming a big brother!

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

It was the perfect combination of ponies….

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

….and food! (My favorite).

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Of course it wouldn’t have been a celebration if I didn’t break of my bowtie! The brother-to-be always has to look his best.

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Even though my buddy Minnow was just outside in the pasture, we certainly had to include him in the festivities too. So he was inside in spirit for a pin-the-baby-on-the-pony game.

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Eventually it was time for my favorite part of the day! Opening presents!

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

I’m an expert at gift unwrapping and I was super excited to see what all my friends and family brought to celebrate my “becoming a big brother”.

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

There were lots of sweet dachshund (and pony) related gifts that were opened but I was starting to realize why mom said it was a “baby shower”.

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Eventually Trooper and I started to loose interest in the baby gear so I decided to checkout what fun games there might be for me to play instead.

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

I was in luck, because not only was there was a stinky inspired game just for me, but it also included candy bars in a “guess which candy bar/dirty diaper game”. I may or may not have gotten in big trouble for trying to steal one of them! 😉

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

I sulked for a bit about not being involved as much as I would have liked in this “baby shower”, but mom told me not to worry…

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

…for she says soon I’ll have to test all the baby gear for my sister before she comes. And something tells me mom and dad will be practicing carrying me around in this baby carrier pretty soon!

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

After the shower I helped gift all our special friends these cute little horse shoes to show how much I appreciated them coming to celebrate my little sister.

Ammo the Dachshund Celebrates Becoming a Big Brother

Mom, Dad, Minnow, Me and Boomerang (who just happened to be in another pasture for this picture) are super excited for my little sister to get here! I can’t wait to show her where all the groundhog holes are on the farm, she’s going to love it!Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

Do you include your dog in family gatherings and parties?

  1. Tia Crawford05-27-16

    love the bow sweetie!

  2. Kim Hunter05-27-16

    Congrats- you will be awesome big brother

  3. Glenda Liz05-27-16


  4. Kim Hagen Paschedag05-27-16

    We’re so happy for you & Mama (Daddy too.)

  5. Rhonda Herning05-27-16

    U will be an awesome big bro!

  6. Donna Szeglowski Marconi05-27-16

    Congratulations! Lovely photos in the blog!

  7. Christmas the Dachshund05-27-16

    Bow wow, you’ll make a great big brother, Ammo! Though most Dachshunds aren’t that kid friendly, I’m sure you’ll love your sister! I live with five kids and I love them all to death. This’ll be fun!

  8. Julie05-27-16

    Congratulations! Love reading your blog!

  9. Jen Graver Nevius05-27-16

    Great pics, looks like a fun shower! Congrats! xo

  10. Pat Schroeder Henzey05-27-16

    so sweet…you are gonna be a great big brother along with Trooper and Minnow,etc.!

  11. JB05-27-16

    Ammo – what a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing. Your mom is so cute with her little baby bump. This is going to be quite the adventure for all of you. The candy bar- diaper thing is hilarious… and disgusting lol! Hope you all have a safe, fun-filled holiday weekend! XXX 000

  12. Susan Meyer05-27-16

    Wow! What a cool baby shower for your little sister! You’re going to make a terrific big brother and I love your bow tie! You have such a neat family. Ammo.

  13. Dachshunds05-27-16

    Who else thinks this is cool

    • Christa Harrell05-31-16

      That sure is a cute picture, somebody else trying out baby shower stuff before the baby comes!!!!

  14. Sunny Mac05-27-16

    Today was a wonderful day, Dukey received a surprise in the mail from Pet Qwerks!! Dukey won these Flavorite Chews online in a contest that Ammo the Dachshund had ……& he sure loves them, they are pawesome, 10/10 wags, thanks Ammo <3 <3 <3

    • Ammo the Dachshund05-28-16

      So glad you’re enjoying the Pet Qwerks Toys Flavorit bones! They are pretty pawesome!

  15. Jane D05-27-16

    Ammo, thank you for sharing the pics of the celebration of you becoming a big brother. Such a cute shower theme too! I liked that you and Trooper were both included in the festivities. And the dachshund gifts were especially cute! 😀
    Jane and Sambo

  16. Joyce Fox05-27-16

    Congratulations to you and your entire family of people and pets. What fun youll be having chasing your sister around the farm…well…soon enough!!

  17. MaryScott Brandenburg05-27-16

    You are going to be such a great big brother!! Your baby sister is so lucky to have so many playmates on the farm!

  18. Sophia Foose Miller05-28-16

    Awww….congratulations!!! You will make the very best big brother, Ammo!

  19. Jennifer Hite05-28-16

    You are going to be the best brother ever ammo❤

  20. Dorian-Elliot Hennessey05-28-16

    You will have so much fun being a big brother Ammo. We have two skin sisters and they are pawesome – they let us lick their faces, they make all kinds of funky smells, and sometimes they feed us their food (sitting under the high chair is the best spot in the whole house!!)
    Congratulations to you, Trooper, mum, dad, Minnow and the rest of the gang.

  21. Roco Roco05-28-16

    Aaaaaahhhh!!!! Congratulations Ammo to you and to your Mommy and Daddy!!! You are so cute and you will make a FANTASTIC big brother to your little sister! So will Trooper! What an adventure ahead! Blessings, Roco

  22. Roco Roco05-28-16

    PS- I am always part of our family gatherings, too!

  23. Denise05-29-16

    Congrats to you and your family! Looks like a fun party!! You are going to make a PAWsome big brother Ammo!

  24. Gina Rehberg Zagerman05-30-16

    Oh Ammo a whole new set of adventures begin…

  25. Dachshunds05-30-16

    Awesome info very interesting :/

  26. Cindy Snodgrass Commisso05-30-16

    You are going to be the greatest big brother !!

  27. Francine Sawyer05-30-16

    I love you

  28. Kimmy Michael05-30-16

    Awesome post…great pics and ideas for the party!.. cant wait for new adventures to begin!

  29. Dachshunds05-31-16

    Awesome post 🙂

  30. Cindy Long05-31-16

    Hey Ammo you and I have something else in common – I am a big sister (which is just a girl big brother). It is a really fun job with a lot of responsibilities but so worth it. I just know you are going to be the best big brother a sister could ever want. If you have any big sibling questions, just ask. sending best wishes to you and your family on this new adventure!

  31. Mary Grace Alarcon05-31-16

    Hi ammo, be nice to your baby sister… love yah ammo

  32. Leanora Smith05-31-16

    beautiful photos <3 You're going to be a great big brother! 🙂

  33. Donna Lauer Bucelli05-31-16

    Great family picture.

    • Donna Lauer Bucelli06-01-16

      Ammo, you must be very patient when our new little sister arrives. Babies need a lot of attention so your mom and dad won’t be able to do or spend as much time with you. Just be patient. I know that’s a difficult thing for my doxie.

  34. Christa Harrell05-31-16

    Congratulations to Mum and Dad, and to you of course, you will be a great big brother!!! Loved this post, and your Mum looks awesome!!!

  35. Faye05-31-16

    Congratulations, it’s going to be so much fun watching you and your family grow! I can’t wait for Christmas this year… if baby arrives by then will there be a family photo with coordinating outfits??? Awesome!!

  36. JanSteve Strickland06-05-16

    You’ll be such a great big brother!! Muskie kisses from your past pal Buddy boys mom!

  37. JanSteve Strickland06-05-16

    So cool congrats !

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