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Taste of Adventure

25 May Posted by in Farm | 18 comments
Taste of Adventure

Taste of Adventure

Sometimes I get a taste of adventure and it’s pretty much all I need to send me into a full blown meltdown when mom won’t let me off the leash to investigate further.


In this case that “taste” consisted of me physically biting a wild animal in the woods. What can I say, I like to live life on the edge! Adventure Awaits my friends!

Does your dog take hunting as seriously as I do? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Donna Bucelli05-25-16

    Ammo, you are too much. I hope the wild animal was not harmed but I also hope you weren’t bitten. My dachshund would do the same thing. it’s a doxie thing.

  2. Sheryl Ann Kempinger-Mielcarek05-25-16

    My mini dachshund Izzy has killed numerous snakes & bunnies. She is fearless. She looks innocent, but loves to hunt.

    • Jess & Mini05-25-16

      Your Izzy looks like my Mini! They both have white on their chins. So cute!:D

  3. Rebecca Ballou Stillman05-25-16

    Buddy can relate, Ammo. He enjoys the thrill of the hunt; but his mom is fearful of what would happen if he was free to pursue wild critters. We just love our doxies too much to take that risk!

  4. JB05-25-16

    Hey Ammo – you’re SQUEAKING! So, what did you bite – lion, tiger, or bear? oh my!

  5. Jana Drilling05-25-16

    Mine love the hunt as well.

  6. Dachshunds05-26-16

    Nice post thanks :p

  7. LaWanda Tanner05-28-16

    What kind of animal did you bite?

  8. Dachshunds05-29-16

    anyone else love this as much as i do ? :p

  9. LaWanda Tanner05-29-16


  10. Donna H Ingram05-29-16

    Rut Roe! No biting young man, that must be what Mom said.

  11. MaryScott Brandenburg05-29-16

    Ammo, you could have been bitten and been seriously hurt! You’re a little stinker!!

  12. Roco05-28-16

    I am more of a guard dog than a hunting dog. I am not sure what I would do with a snake! I have chased rabbits, though!

  13. Jennifer Hite05-29-16

    Be careful buddy momma needs you

  14. Sophia Foose Miller05-29-16

    Just doing what comes naturally!!!

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