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Live to Stink

20 May Posted by in Farm | 24 comments
Live to Stink

Dirty Dog Gets Caught

Sometimes after a successful day of “stink” hunting on the farm I can’t help but feel super proud of myself for the most recent rich potent smell I found. I mean it’s a real art to find the best spot to roll in.

Dirty Dog Gets Caught

After inevitably tracking me down with my GPS tracker (thanks for ratting me out Trax!*), mom never quite appreciates my most recent stink-capades. It’s only a matter of minutes before she utters those words…..B..A..T..H.

*affiliate link

Dirty Dog Gets Caught

Stink eye commence, why is my fun always ruined?

Dirty Dog Gets Caught

Sigh, don’t worry, I’ll always live to stink another day!

Is your dog a master of the stinky smells just like me?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Alida Titchenal05-20-16

    Quite impressive, Ammo!

  2. Susan Ladd05-20-16

    It would be a bath for my Hollie or Molly also. Your Friend Hollie the Lifesaver <3

  3. Donna H Ingram05-20-16

    Stink boy.

  4. Jennifer Hite05-20-16

    Just what my Lola does on a daily basis ❤.#stinky boy

  5. Donna Bucelli05-20-16

    OMG!!! Ammo, that stink eye is wonderful. I can’t say it’s the best because I get a stink eye from my dachshund too when she rolls in stinkies. I also get the “I didn’t do it” look. At least I can wash herin my rise tub or kitchen sink. And she doesn’t mind baths.LOL!! Dachshunds are THE best. By the way your mom and dad will get used to the stink when the baby arrives. Between poop and spit up you will be in stink heaven.

  6. Linda Kolman05-20-16

    Looks like Ammo is giving the “stink eye” to someone!

  7. JB05-20-16

    Ammo – Love the stink eye – no pun intended! You have a very loving and patient mom who lets you have fun being a dog, knowing full well you’re out on stink patrol, just looking for something to roll in. XXX000

  8. Jana Drilling05-20-16

    Ammo! Is that horse poo on your back!?

  9. Tracy05-20-16

    AGAIN Ammo? I love your bathtub though. It’s the perfect size for you.

  10. Jane Denlinger05-20-16

    Oh no

  11. Brenda Brake05-22-16

    In the words of Peg (from Lady and the Tramp), “Whaat a dog!”

  12. April Schow05-22-16

    That’s a perfect place to bathe a doxie. Was that installed just for that?

  13. Shari Penniston05-22-16

    Daisy is my little stinker. She is always rolling in something!

  14. Jennifer Hite05-22-16

  15. Aydon Grant05-23-16

    Hmm trax. I may need to look that up.

  16. Kathy Barter05-23-16

    Sparky rolled into some stinky & I turned on the bath water & out the doggy door he ran. My husband has been very sick so the back yard lawn/weed growth hid Sparky & he thought he was safe! He got his bath, the little rascal

  17. Rebecca Pesyna05-23-16

    You just can’t keep your nose clean…can you Ammo!!

  18. Betsy Davis05-23-16

    I look REALLY stinky-my dogs r impressed!

  19. Betsy Davis05-23-16

    You look REALLY stinky-mia mya and Bryar are impressed.

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