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A GPS Pet Tracker with no Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

14 Mar Posted by in Giveaway, Product Review | 31 comments
A GPS Pet Tracker with no Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

Disclaimer: This post and giveaway is brought to you by Iota GPS Tracker. All opinions are my own, and I only share products I think you and your pets might love.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

Way back when my mom decided to help fund a little kickstarter campaign for the Iota GPS Pet Tracker. Fast forward to about a month ago, and suddenly this little white box was strapped to my neck!

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

See what makes the Iota a little different than most GPS Trackers for pets is this little contraption sitting next to me (the Home Base), it’s because of this that there are no monthly fees, unlike most Trackers you might see on the market that require a monthly or yearly fee for their tracking services. And when you can save those extra pennies for more important things (like dog toys), that’s always a good thing!

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

You simply set up the home base inside your home near a window, and it connects up with your own Wifi network. Each home base can then track your tracker up to 1 – 4 miles away. And the cool part is Iota Trackers can connect to any home base in your area, meaning if your neighbor has one your reach is already extended even further.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

The Iota is also the smallest pet GPS I’ve ever tried, which can make a big difference when you’re a small dog. I certainly can’t have some hunky thing on my collar weighing me down!

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

The free Iota App allows you set up geo-fences for your dog. Which is essentially a “safe area” that you would like your dog to stay in, when they enter or exit the area you can receive an alert on your smart phone.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

You can then set up as many Iota trackers as you like within the app to monitor all of your pets. It even has a handy feature to notify you when the battery level is running low. The iota’s battery can to last up to approximately one month and is rechargeable for 200+ cycles. That’s a pretty long time.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

When it does need charging there is a handy charger that plugs into any USB port.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

I’ve been wearing my Iota around home, and when mom and dad leave me home alone. Even though its very rare that I ever “escape” my fenced yard, my parents feel safer knowing they would be alerted if I ever left the area.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

For testing purposes though we drove my Iota to the farm one day to see if it would alert my mom to the fact that it left the geo fence, and not long after exiting the designated area mom got a notification on her phone.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

And the alert also showed up on the app’s notifications too.

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway

Eventually the Iota will be adding more features like temperature sensors (to alert you if the Iota is above or below a certain temperature). Each iota is also weatherproof and submersible up to 3 feet.

The Iota also has a cool little ring feature, so if you’re trying to find your dog (who’s maybe really good at playing hide-n-seek like me), you can just turn on the sound to find them quicker.

If you’d like to find out more about Iota you can check them out here, and you can even use code ammo4iota to save $15 off your order with them!

And now for the best part…

Iota GPS Pet Tracker with No Monthly Fees + A Giveaway


Here’s HOW TO WIN:

No purchase necessary. To enter use the Rafflecopter widget below. You will be contacted via e-mail to claim your prize. All the winners will also be announced on this blog post once the giveaway ends. Open to USA & Canada readers only. Winners must claim their prizes within 48 hours of being notified or prize will be forfeited. By entering you are agreeing to the terms & conditions set forth in the Rafflecopter widget (see below).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Dona03-14-16

    Hi Ammo! The lota pet tracker looks like a great product. I liked your comment about using the savings for toys – good to have the right priorities in place.

  2. Lu-Ann03-14-16

    looking very handsome, Ammo!

  3. April Schow03-14-16

    This is a great idea! I’ve always thought other GPS trackers were too big for my little doxies. I like that you don’t have to pay a monthly fee, and I really like the ring feature. My youngest doxie will usually come back when I call her, but can get really curious sometimes and not realize she’s gone too far. This would make her mama, me, feel so much better about her being off leash sometimes. It could also be a big help to know where in the house my oldest, and blind, dog has wandered off to. Haha! I really hope we win! 🙂

  4. Joy03-14-16

    There have been a few times my dog, Ruby, has sneaked out of the yard to explore the neighborhood. It was very scary! We had to drive around trying to spot her and fortunately did. A GPS Pet Tracker would be so helpful. It also would be a faster way to find her which is always extremely important.

  5. Christmas the Dachshund03-14-16

    Cool giveaway! I am also a Dachshund. My mommy might enter this giveaway so I can maybe get one of these collars! It would look quite dapper on me…

    Your Dachshund pal,

  6. Sawan03-14-16

    This is amazing. I would love one for when we head to the cottage. i’m always worried that someone will accidentally leave the patio door open and Fang might get out and we wouldn’t be able to find her in the wooded area.

  7. Jerry03-14-16

    Neat giveaway! We do worry that our dog might sneak out sometime.

  8. CM03-14-16

    We’ve been looking for reviews for this product for a while to see if it was worth getting. Thanks for the info!

  9. Jess Kellenberger03-14-16

    Yes my pup, Jane, loves to wander around our farm. Usually she is very good, but she is an Irish Terrier, and when she gets the scent of something–she’s off to the races!!

  10. Lora03-14-16

    Another great Ammo give-a-way!

  11. Kathy03-14-16

    Great giveaway! Usually my pup is pretty good but this would be a nice way to make sure!

  12. Jess & Mini03-14-16

    I walk Mini without a leash so she usually stays pretty close to me. When I let her go chase after a rabbit she usually comes back after being called a few times, but sometimes she goes over to neighboring properties and it takes a while to find her. With a GPS tracker on her it would make me feel so much better being able to know where she is without having to walk acres and acres to find her. The beeping feature would be great! If I had one of these trackers I would try to teach Mini to come home when she hears it beeping.

  13. Amanda & Barbarella03-14-16

    Yes Barbarella likes to put her nose to the ground and start wandering off to look for rabbits to chase. The geo fence feature would be great because Barbarella sometimes digs out of our fenced in yard and wanders off into the woods near by.

  14. Pam B03-14-16

    Hiya Ammo!!! Another great find for those with lil furbabies. I can let Misty out around the apartment, but not Rio. Misty never wanders too far, but that stinker Rio is gone in a flash. This would help at the dog park though, just in case he ever got out. Thanks for having the giveaway. Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  15. Linda03-14-16

    Nice giveaway! My dog might make a run for a squirrel or rabbit!

  16. Carmelita Dorsey03-14-16

    Hi Ammo! I love following your adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What a generous giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win it. Good luck to all! 🙂

  17. Rebecca03-15-16

    Poppy isn’t really a wanderer. I like when we go to the beach and she gets “lost” in the crowd, but I always know where she is.

  18. Taylor Closet03-15-16

    My dog loves to wander off. We live in a rural area, so sometimes he decides to take a stroll with the neighborhood dogs, that’s when I get worried.

  19. DJ03-16-16

    Yes, my pup loves to go exploring and has little adventures.

  20. Jason Diehl03-16-16

    Sammer Jams likes to go on runs when she escapes, it would be nice to be able to track her down quicker

  21. Abbie03-17-16

    No, not usually. Well, I’m sure he’d love to, but we don’t give him the chance. We live in a suburban area, so it’s really not that fun to explore, and high likelihood of getting hit.

  22. Jordan03-17-16

    Great giveaway! I’m sure my dog would explore if he could!

  23. Ali Smith03-17-16

    Thanks for the give away Ammo!!!

  24. Candy Phillips03-18-16

    Precious pucs of you Ammo

  25. Stacey Roberson03-20-16

    Our dog is very good at sneaking out the front door. We live in a wooded area, so I don’t worry too much and he usually comes back within a couple hours. But it would be nice to know his location when he’s out and about.

  26. Diana Cote03-20-16

    Yes & it’s very scary since we rent a townhouse and there’s roads close by. We have to use a leash at all times when outside.

  27. JanSteve Strickland03-21-16

    Where can we get one for Riley ?? Thank you sweetie..I really need this for Riley!!! Thank you so much

  28. James Hannibal03-21-16

    Hi Ammo!

    I really like your tracking collar.

  29. Mary03-21-16

    Great giveaway! My dog doesn’t wander but would if he got the chance!

  30. Laura12-18-18

    Can I uses this GPS in Cuba

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