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Working Smarter

11 Mar Posted by in Work | 15 comments
Working Smarter

As you may know, I’ve got a 9-5 job working at my mom’s custom frame shop. While I’d totally love to not have to work at all….we all know the business would totally fall apart without me.

Working Smarter // Smart Dachshund helps out at work

My mom always says we need to work smarter not harder, so that we have more time for the adventures that we love. (and well, so I have more time to play fetch and practice my dog agility at work).

So I picked up a little trick on my own to help us get done our work faster…

Working Smarter // Smart Dachshund helps out at work

I’ve started grabbing the printouts when they come out of the printer and bringing them to mom. And if you visit my shop and you’re lucky, maybe I’ll even bring you your receipt (mom says I still need to practice not drooling on the paper first before I master that one).

Yea, it’s nice to know my hardworking efforts are finally being appreciated around here! Now can we quit working and have a little fun?

Is your dog helpful around the house like me?Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Donna H Ingram03-11-16

    Lol. Good job!!

  2. Kellie Alexander03-11-16

    Such a great worker

  3. JB03-11-16

    Oh Ammo, you can get drool on my receipts any time! Try as I may, I can’t seem to get my dog to do any housework while I’m gone during the day. XXX OOO

  4. Pam B03-11-16

    OH Ammo, you are sooooooooooo smart and helpful. I agree with JB, my babies don’t help at all. If I could teach them to clean house, we’d all be so very happy. Oh well, I’ll just put up with their kisses and naps on my lap for now (that’s where they both are right now—on my lap). What would we do without all of you??? Have a great weekend. Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio

  5. Denise03-12-16

    BOL!! What a great worker you are Ammo!!

  6. Candy Phillips03-12-16

    Great work Ammo!

  7. Ana @ HappyJackRussell03-12-16

    Hi Ammo, you’re doing a great job. My dog Kala is also a full time office dog. She’s our head of security 🙂

  8. shantanu sinhha03-14-16

    ey Ammo,

    Your co – worker is dam cute.
    I wish my dog to could work like this, but he is too lazy, still a loved one.
    Great work by you Ammo.
    Have a great week ahead.

    Shantanu sinha

  9. Katy08-06-16

    Such a great worker

  10. Vicki Robinson06-23-17

    I will hire u n to get snacks

  11. Mercedes Patricia Elias06-23-17

    Un amor

  12. Sherry Bradford06-23-17

    You are doing a pretty good job, Ammo. I did see you gave in to the “I had better shake it” urge only once!

  13. Melly Gaines06-23-17

    You are very smart!

  14. Nancy E. Susca06-24-17

    You are very clever.

  15. Char Kraft06-24-17

    He is just so cute

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