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A Wireless Camera to Help Train Your Pet

18 Dec Posted by in Giveaway, Product Review, Training | 12 comments
A Wireless Camera to Help Train Your Pet

Disclaimer: this post and giveaway is brought to you by Vimtag. All opinions are my own, and I only share products that I think you and your pets will love.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

A few months ago I did something very bad. I know, it’s so out of character for me seeing as how I’m always on my best behavior (at least that’s what I tell everyone). In my defense though, I didn’t really feel like being left home alone with Trooper at his house.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

I began to regret my unfortunate decision to leave my “mark” on Trooper’s brand-new door when mom announced that I would have to stay in my crate whenever I am left alone at my buddy’s house.

The crate?? But don’t they know how much I HATE being left in that thing!

So thus began the adventure of my mom conditioning me to enjoy (as much as one can) being in my crate at Trooper’s house.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

You may remember a few weeks ago I introduced you to a new Wireless Camera that mom and dad used to keep an eye on me when they were away from home. Well the Vimtag Camera began to play an important role in my crate training as well.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

After setting me up in my crate with a fun toy filled with peanut butter, mom would set up the Vimtag Camera before heading out the door.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

With the ability to view my every move from the Vimtag Wireless App, mom would head out the stable to watch my progress with my buddy Boomerang.

Starting with short sessions to being with, she’d leave me in a crate for 10 – 15 minutes at a time.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

With the ability to not only see what I was doing, but also hear whether I was crying or barking too, mom was able to time coming back into the house to release me from my crate at a moment when I had actually calmed down and relaxed.

Thus the Vimtag Camera made it possible for her to only release me when I was in a calm state, rewarding me for being quiet and patient.

A Wireless Camera to Help Train your Dog + A Giveaway

Thanks to Vimtag, I’m getting more and more comfortable with being in my crate at Trooper’s house. Mom says it’s been invaluable to my training, and made the process go so much quicker!

Make sure you read all about the cool features of the Vimtag Wireless Video Monitoring Camera on my previous post, and you can fetch your own (and still receive it for the holidays with prime shipping!) from Vimtag on Amazon!

And don’t forget…..

A Wireless Camera to Monitor your Pet + A Giveaway

There’s still time to enter my giveaway!!


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  1. JB12-18-15

    What? Ammo, you mean you’re not perfect?! Look at it this way…being in the crate keeps you out of trouble. That translates to more cookies and presents at Christmas! XXXOOO

  2. Julie wilson12-18-15

    I think my 2 dachshunds just lay around on the couch when I’m gone.

  3. Tessa12-18-15

    I think my dog just sleeps when I’m gone.

  4. Megan12-18-15

    Would be curious to find out what my dog does while I’m gone!

  5. Samantha12-18-15

    I know my dog hops up on the lounge when we leave the house….I’ve caught her a few times when I’ve come home through the back of the house.

  6. Kathy12-18-15

    I bet they just sleep.

  7. Linda12-19-15

    Would like to find out what my dog does! I think he gets into mischief sometimes. 😉

  8. Ali12-20-15

    We can’t leave our dog home alone! He will destroy anything in or around his crate. He goes to daycare when we are gone.

  9. Jordan12-21-15

    I wonder what my dog does when we leave, I think he gets on the couch sometimes. 😉

  10. Mary12-21-15

    This would be great! Would love to know what my dog is up to when I’m gone.

  11. Tracy12-21-15

    And I thought you were so perfect Ammo. But a little accident is okay once in while. Happy Crating, little buddy.

  12. melinda wharton12-21-15

    My 2 seniors usually just sleep the day away!

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