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Birthday Week: Puppyhood Memories

08 Oct Posted by in Birthday, Throwback Thursday | 15 comments
Birthday Week: Puppyhood Memories

It wouldn’t be Birthday Week without taking a look back at what life was like for me when I was just a young pup.

Throwback Thursday: Sweater Weather // Puppy Photos of Ammo the Dachshund

Napping Ammo the Dachshund Puppy

7 years ago I was meeting my family for the first time, and the best part is that it was all caught on camera! The quality may not be great, but I’m so glad my mom and dad were able to capture these special memories.

So here’s a fun little video with a look back on some of the very first days with my family (including some never-before-seen footage!).

My mom and dad had a blast last night looking through old footage of me as a puppy. Their only regret is there isn’t more!

Do you have adorable puppy videos of your dog? Post them on my Facebook Page because my mom says she’d love to spend her ENTIRE day looking at cute puppies!Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Rocco M Cavallo10-08-15

    Awww! You were a cute puppy Ammo! Now you’re a handsome gentleman!

  2. Ernie Nicklebee10-08-15

    Ammo, here is Enzo, your pa(w)l from germany. I loooove to watch your puppy pics. You almost look like me. I turned 8 in August this year. I live with my Mom now since I was 2 years old, so we only have 3 rare puppy pics from me- but I love to share with you! You are an awesome dachshund! Wooof!

  3. Ernie Nicklebee10-08-15

    That’s typically me- love balls…

  4. Ernie Nicklebee10-08-15

    Me- only a few weeks old…

  5. Teresa Bartlett Spinks10-08-15


  6. Lu-Ann10-08-15

    You were so cute!!!!! Adorable!

    You have grown up to be a handsome man!

  7. Lora Campbell Roberts10-08-15

    You sure were a cutie patootie!

  8. Jan Phillippi10-08-15

    Awww It’s easy to see why you are so adorable today Ammo!!

  9. Susan Gibson Snodgrass10-08-15

    ABsolutely delightful, Ammo the Dachshund!

  10. Janet Wilson10-09-15

    Handsome is as handsome does!

  11. Joyce Fox10-09-15

    We had that same monkey. He ended up only asrms or legs 🙁

  12. Jane D10-08-15

    Ammo, this was precious! I know your mom and dad are glad to have these videos of you. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Katelyn Gibbs10-09-15

    I love how wiggley dachshund puppies are! You are SO cute Ammo! I’m sure this video of my Hans playing with his cousin will remind your mommy of you playing with Trooper.

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