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Birthday Week: Ammo Turns 7!

05 Oct Posted by in Birthday | 88 comments
Birthday Week: Ammo Turns 7!

Today is a very special day, today is the one day a year where I become just 1 year older. Today is my 7th Birthday!

Birthday Week: Happy 7th Birthday to Ammo

Now having just one day a year to celebrate your birth is just so sad, so just like every year since I turned one I’m going to celebrate my Birthday ALL WEEK LONG.

Birthday Week: Happy 7th Birthday to Ammo

So grab your party hats friends, and welcome to Birthday Week! Make sure you check back on my blog (or better yet sign up for e-mail notifications to be notified when a new post is live) everyday this week – sometimes even twice a day. I’ve got giveaways, diy projects, and maybe even some adorable puppy pictures to share! It’s going to be so much fun!

Incase you missed my previous years’ festivities, be sure to check out all my Birthday Week Celebrations. Any other October Birthdays out there? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. April Limburg10-05-15

    Happy 7th Birthday Ammo 🙂

  2. Dorian-Elliot Hennessey10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo. We love the idea of a birthday week – we hope you have a pawesome time celebrating 🙂

  3. Carrie McCuaig10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo, wishing you a day filled with tummy rubs and lots of treats <3

  4. Joyce Fox10-05-15

    Have a weinerful day, ummm week! Sending lottsa love!

  5. Tina Barrios-Lopez10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  6. Mary Jaconi Travis10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo………..

  7. Rocco M Cavallo10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo the Dachshund!!!

  8. Donna H Ingram10-05-15

    Ammo, Have a wonderful Birthday !!

  9. Avechucho Del Socorro Becerra10-05-15

    Congratulations dear fella

  10. Bryn Nowell10-05-15

    Happy birthday

  11. MaryScott Brandenburg10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo! That’s the way to celebrate!! I will be reading your blog later!!

  12. Gina Rehberg Zagerman10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo! Hope you have the day off.

  13. Susan Humphrey10-05-15

    Happy Birthday to the cutest dachshund ever!!!!!!!!!

  14. Leif Eric Carlson10-05-15

    Have great day,with lots of presents,a couple of juicy steaks

  15. Vernon Miner II10-05-15

    Happy Birthday !!!

  16. Phyllis Thweatt Divine10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo . He’s a song for you . Fried chicken country ham it’s your birthday hot damn lol . Have a great birthday.

  17. Lee Ann10-05-15

    Happy birthday sweet boy

  18. Shari Penniston10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  19. Tammy Newbolds10-05-15

    Happy birthday!!

  20. Debbie Harris10-05-15


  21. Jana Drilling10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo. Have a pawsitivly great day!

  22. Jan Phillippi10-05-15

    Wow Happy Birthday Ammo..You are the same age as our Joe (pictured in our profile pic)!

  23. Lorraine Pearl10-05-15

    Ace says happy 7

  24. Susan Gibson Snodgrass10-05-15

    Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

  25. Phoebe Foo10-05-15

    Happy 7th Ammo!

  26. Leslie Laneski10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!!!!

  27. Marta Nilsson10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  28. Joan Fry10-05-15

    Happy Birthday, Ammo! Hope your day/week is as special as you are! 🙂

  29. Jonathan Alfredo Roman10-05-15

    HBD, Ammo!

  30. Cindy Long10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!!!!

  31. Shelley Joy10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo!! That’s the best way to celebrate ….all week 🙂 You deserve it! Have a great one!

  32. A Chrystine Ward Westphal10-05-15

    Yea…but we are sad we were not invited to the party….

  33. Beth Henkes10-05-15

    Woohoo! Happy #7 from Winston and me! Hope you have a perfect week and year filled with treats, toys, and PONIES!!!

  34. Brenna DeCotis10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!

  35. Susan Meyer10-05-15

    Happy birthday, Ammo!!

  36. Nancy E. Susca10-05-15

    Happy Happy Birthday Ammo!!!

  37. Gracie Blanche10-05-15

    Happy Barkday Ammo <3

  38. Susan Aistrope Boyd10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!! Hope its a great day and you get spoiled.

  39. Ryann Bishop10-05-15

    Happy birthday, Ammo! From my Bug (and his brothers Frankie and Luigi)

  40. Paige Cranmer10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  41. Rhonda Herning10-05-15

    Happy bday Ammo!

  42. SheSpeaksBark10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  43. Brothers Complete10-05-15

    Happy Birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday Dear Ammo…happy birthday to you! Love your friends @ Brothers Complete

  44. Tina Collett10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  45. Gloria Ritchey10-05-15


  46. Mandy Hall Merchant10-05-15

    Happy happy barkday!!!!

  47. Kim Hagen Paschedag10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo!

  48. Joyce Balleck10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo

  49. Silly Buddy10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  50. Renée de Bruin10-05-15

    Happy 7th birthday, Ammo!

  51. Best Bully Sticks10-05-15

    Happy bday! Hope you get some good treats :).

  52. Marina Faquetti Morandini Meneguzzo10-05-15

    Congrats, sweetheart!!!! Love from Brazilian paws: Cookie and Cacau

  53. Amie De10-05-15

    Happy Birthday!

  54. Karen Mella10-05-15

    We have the same birthday Ammo!!

  55. Kaylee Dubbs10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  56. Georgia Coyle10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo !

  57. Carol Carlgren10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  58. Nora Jones10-05-15

    happy birthday ammo!!!!!

  59. Diony van den Berg10-05-15

    Happy barkday @ammothedachshund

  60. LD Smith10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo! Have a pawsome day!

  61. Nancy Landfried10-05-15

    Ammo, Happy 7th B’day and many more! You live in PA and so do I.

  62. Kelly Dawn Hein10-05-15

    Happy birthday

  63. Llora Norton10-05-15

    happy b’day Ammo !

  64. April Schow10-05-15

    Happy birthday!

  65. Jan Wilson10-05-15

    HaPpY BirThDaY Ammo!!

  66. Kimmy Michael10-05-15

    Happy 7th buddy! Have as much fun as ya can!

  67. Cindy Turner10-05-15

    Happy birthday Ammo! xox

  68. Deborah Day10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!

  69. Amanda & Barbarella10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo!!! Can’t wait to see what all you share with us this week.

    • Ammo10-06-15

      Thanks! I think everyone will have a blast during my Birthday week!

  70. Penny Borden10-05-15

    Happy birthday little buddy!!

  71. Elisa Magliocca Reale10-05-15

    Happy Birthday Ammo !

  72. Roco Roco10-05-15

    Happy Birthday, Ammo!!!!! Boy! Seven! I like that you are celebrating all week long!!!!

  73. Randy Beach10-05-15

    Happy birthday ammo!

  74. Patricia Zimmerman10-06-15

    Birthday Festivall!!

  75. Deborah Melanson10-06-15

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ammo. 7 years YOUNG and still waggin’!!! I like how you think, my b’day is next week and I’m also doing a “birthday week”!!

  76. Diane Wetzel10-06-15

    Happiest birthday to you Ammon!! Blow out those 7 candles and have a great day!!l

  77. Katie Juker10-06-15

    Happy Barkday Ammo! We love you! ♡ Schnitzel the Blonde Doxie & his Mommy ♡

  78. Douglas J Zywan10-06-15

    Happy birthday buddy!!!!!

  79. Christa Harrell10-06-15

    Happy Birthday, Ammo!!!!

  80. patty10-06-15

    Happy Birthday, Ammo!

  81. Snoocky - The sausage dog10-09-15

    Congratulations Ammo the Dachshund

  82. Hamlet Suppes10-09-15

    I turned 7 too on the 4th! Woof!

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