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Summer Lake Adventures

19 Aug Posted by in Adventure | 14 comments
Summer Lake Adventures

A couple weeks ago some of my out-of-town family came to visit. I had a blast going on adventures with them, and you may recall I even performed a daring water rescue of my Uncle Taylor.

Adventurous Lake Fun with Pets

See my uncle, he’s a bit of a daredevil. (or clumsy on the water, depending on how you look at it).

Adventurous Lake Fun with Pets

When I’m not busy saving him from drowning, I’m just as much a daredevil as he is!

See, I know how to have a good time on the lake…..and keep up with the best of them! (P.S. did you see my super model strut across the paddle board?)

Is your dog a daredevil too? Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

  1. Tracy Reed Molitor08-19-15

    Oh Ammo!! You are SUCH a daredevil! And you strut just like a super model! (You certainly have a wardrobe suiting a super model) You are so fortunate to have a mommy and daddy that take you on such wonderful adventures.<3

  2. Cathy Thompson08-19-15

    Oh my you are really a daredevil. Thank you for your great and fun post.

  3. Jan Phillippi08-19-15

    Wow…Ammo the surfer!!!

  4. JB08-19-15

    Supermodel strut indeed! Ammo, you’re amazing. You glide along that paddle board with such grace. I can’t believe how poised you are!

    • Ammo08-20-15

      I actually prefer the paddleboard to the kayak because I can move around easier. Guess I’m a natural.

  5. Jane D08-19-15

    You are very brave Ammo! Just a natural at water sports. 🙂

    • Ammo08-20-15

      Maybe I should try water skiing next! 😉

  6. Dona08-19-15

    You do have a great strut and I have to admit that I was also impressed with how gracefully you turned around on the moving board, just before the strut.

    • Ammo08-20-15

      Word on the street is I’m quick on my feet!

      • Dona08-20-15

        Quick and graceful and your videos are always fun to watch!

  7. Kimmy Michael08-28-16

    Such a strong dog! Go Ammo with your cute swimming and model strutting self!

  8. Deborah Melanson08-28-16

    Fun in the sun….next year you’ll be out on the lake with ‘lil sister!

  9. April Schow08-29-16

    Yep, next year will be the greatest! You’ll be teaching your sister how fun it all can be.

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