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Adventures at the Ryerss Farm Family Fun Day

18 Jun Posted by in Performances | 8 comments
Adventures at the Ryerss Farm Family Fun Day

Over the weekend my pal Minnow the Painting Pony and I attended the Ryerss Farm Family Fun Day.

Painting Pony & Ammo the Dachshund at Ryerss

The Ryerss Farm is a non-profit that cares for aged, and abused or injured horses by providing a home where they can spend their golden years out to pasture.  The horses at Ryerss are never worked, go to auction or are used for experiments.  They simply spend their days grazing and enjoying life with their friends on the farm.

Painting Pony Paints for Charity

My pal Minnow (who is an aged equine himself at 21 years young) was thrilled to be able to show off some of his painting talents for this organization.

Painting Pony Paints for Charity

Minnow drew quite a crowd when it came time for him to paint and show off a few of his tricks. Check out the video of Minnow painting at Ryerss on instagram.

Trick Dachshund Performs for Charity

I couldn’t let Minnow one-up me with his crowd, so every time I performed I tried to draw an even bigger crowd than him.

Trick Dachshund Performs for Charity

Dachshund Jumps through Hoop at Ryerss

Dachshund Plays Dead at Ryerss

I pulled out all the stops by jumping through hoops and even showing off my most popular trick, playing dead!

Dachshund Jumps through hoop with Helmet at Ryerss

I even dove through a solid hoop while wearing my stunt helmet! I think Minnow was impressed (don’t let his look of boredom fool you).

Sleeping Super Hero at Ryerss

Eventually all that performing caught up to me – and this little super hero had to squeeze in some afternoon naps between shows.

Full Moon Dog Treats for Super Dog Ammo at Ryerss

Don’t worry though, my mom has a secret arsenal of Full Moon Real Bacon Treats* in her pocket (that we received from BlogPaws), that were just what I needed for revival before my next show.

*contains an affiliate link

Clicker Trained Dog at Ryerss

I’m never one to disappoint my crowd!

Painting Pony at Ryerss Farm

Painting Pony at Ryerss Farm

Even though my crowd might have been just a wee bit bigger than Minnow’s, we were both thrilled to be supporting this good cause….and generating a few smiles along the way!Ammo the Dachshund // Blog Signature // Celebrity

If you’d like to check out some of my pal Minnow’s artwork, be sure to visit him over at

  1. JB06-18-15

    Hey Ammo – you’re such a great super hero! I love your costume! Especially the hat. You were really brave to go through that solid hoop.

    • Ammo06-18-15

      Thanks! I always tell the kids for the dangerous stunts I have to wear my safety helmet! (that one always gets a chuckle).

  2. Dona06-18-15

    Hi Ammo! The Ryerss Farm Family Fun Day looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for telling us about it and the Farm’s mission. I had no idea that such a place existed. It looks like you, Minnow, and your parents worked long and hard and wre a huge success. Thank you for supporting the Ryerss Farm and bringing awareness of it to the public. You truly are a super hero!

    • Ammo06-23-15

      Glad you enjoyed my adventures! It certainly is a unique place.

  3. Betsy Davis06-21-15

    U r soooo talented-plus r an artist too

  4. Denise Gruzensky06-21-15

    Ammo it looks like SO much fun! You and Minnow did a great job and for an amazing cause as well!

    • Ammo06-23-15

      Thanks! That’s what super heroes do!

  5. Mary Beth Colter05-04-17

    Ammo that was pretty brave jumping through a solid hoop!

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