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Toy Graveyard

11 Jun Posted by in Play | 29 comments

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

Upon first inspection you might think this is just an ordinary basket filled with some of my toys.

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

But, it’s actually my toy graveyard – where chewed, ripped, devoured, and damaged toys go to live out their remaining days.

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

It’s not that they weren’t loved, it’s quite the opposite really, they were loved a little too much.

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

I have fond memories with all of them, like tearing ears off, ripping stuffing out, de-squeaking, and gnawing until my jaw is sore.

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

I sort of miss them.

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

Toy Graveyard // Ammo the Dachshund

In fact, these toys don’t look like they are on their last leg at all to me….I’m pretty sure Mr. Carrot still has some life left in him!

Do you have a toy graveyard at your house? Ammo the Dachshund

  1. JB06-11-14

    Ammo – I think Mr. Carrot definitely needs some more chewing! My dogs has almost as much fun with the toys after the stuffing has been ripped out as she does when she’s actually “killing” them. They’re her trophies!

    • Kristen06-11-14

      My Trot does the same thing! He has a collection of his unstuffed “corpses” is what I call them!

      • Ammo06-12-14

        Oh de stuffing, that’s the best!

    • Ammo06-12-14

      I wish mom would let me keep killing them! But alas I guess it’s when I start to swallow the pieces I chew then the fun is all over.

  2. Crystal06-11-14

    No. I wait until the Doxies are busy barking/digging outside, and I smuggled them out into the trash. They key is to act as shocked as them when they can’t find the scrap that was once Mr Frog. Mean Mom?

    • Ammo06-12-14

      I know that game all too well myself!

  3. Rebecca Fritz06-11-14

    Every so often we go through the toy box at our house to see who no longer makes the cut 😉

    • Ammo06-12-14

      I sometimes donate mine to Trooper – since he’s a little kinder to his toys than I am.

  4. Roco Girl06-11-14

    Ha!!! You bring laughter to my day, Anmo! I have a toy graveyard and I still play with them! At night, Mommy puts all my toys, both alive and “dead” in my play tunnel!!!!

    • Ammo06-12-14

      I wish I could still play with mine, but when I start to swallow the bits I chew my mom takes them away.

  5. Poodle At Play06-11-14

    I’m very good with my toys – I’ve only ever de-squeekered ONE so far. However my best friend Honey is a toy destroyer! Momma says that Honey is why poppa can’t have nice things.

    • Ammo06-12-14

      Wow impressive. I have to go in for the kill!

  6. Donna Bucelli03-14-16

    Oh Ammo,my dachshund is so good at de-stuffing and decapitating and amputating her toys. I’ve found many squeakers laying on the floor and buried around furniture legs.

  7. Donna H Ingram03-14-16

    Put em in, take em out. Repeat

  8. Candy Phillips03-14-16

    Good idea!

  9. Jennifer Hite03-14-16


  10. Marty Greene03-14-16

    Yes we do every once in awhile I try to throw some out !

  11. Vincent D Caprini03-14-16

    Oh yea. Try to throw them out but they won’t have anything to do with that.

  12. April Schow03-14-16

    A lot of the well loved toys will get “surgery,” if they’re repairable. If not, I find a not so obvious time to switch them out with a newer but identical version. My girls seem happy with the arrangement… mostly.

  13. Gina Rehberg Zagerman03-14-16

    I try to throw them away when my 3 are not looking… Ammo I am noticing the wishbone with only one of the three sides chewed… Once Gilligan chews one side the others only chew where he has chewed and the other 2 sided are left unchewed. Mmmm

  14. Rebecca Pesyna03-15-16

    My dogs whole toy basket is filled with her de squeekered toys! We have to keep the new/good ones up out of her reach. Her usual destroy time on a new toy is less than five minutes!

  15. Kim Thomas Pahutski05-02-17

    Yes. The toy grave yard seems to fill up quickly. Even the heavy chew toys.

  16. Debbie Allison05-02-17

    Oh my yes! I think I have a more difficult time letting them go…memories of the fun my boys have had! And of course the toys all have names!

  17. Kim Thomas Pahutski05-02-17

    Ammo have you ever tried a teether toy for inside or outside. I am thinking of getting my Dudley one. He’s at the Dr now having his “procedure” done since he will be 6 months in 2 days. I was thinking of getting him one for when he feels better. They have inside and outside. Balls and ropes. Not sure which would be best. Like you he walks with his nose to the ground and is constantly coming up with a mouth of dirt. Do you go after worms too? It’s been a long time since I had a puppy. My Lilibug was 14 when she passed in January.

    • Ammo the Dachshund05-03-17

      I’m sure I’ve had teether toys as a puppy. But it’s been a while. I like to be in the dirt but not so much a worm guy!

  18. Sheryl Ann Kempinger-Mielcarek05-02-17

    Our previous 2 dachshunds loved to play with toys but never destroyed them. Didn’t think it was unusual until our next 2 dachshunds. They can destroy toys in nothing flat.

  19. Sara Brown05-02-17

    This is Frankie’s duck. It’s sad to look at but it’s the one you he grabs when it’s time to snuggle. Lol Definitely his favourite!

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