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Blanket ID Lounge Collar & Pods Review & Giveaway

19 May Posted by in Giveaway, Product Review | 31 comments

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post and giveaway brought to you by Blanket ID.

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

My daily “wardrobe” has consisted of one very important accessory for a very long time now, and that is my Blanket ID tag, which helps to keep me safe should I ever go missing. Each Blanket ID tag comes with a unique number on the back which when inputted into the Blanket ID website helps lost doggies to find their owners once again!

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

While I keep my tag attached to my collar during the day, I must admit that the 1″ wide collars I prefer to wear are a little less than comfortable when I’m trying to get all snuggly in my bed at night. And as much as I know it’s sort of a no-no, up until now mom and dad let me sleep in the nude every night so that I could get more cozy.

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

But all of that has changed since my pals at Blanket ID sent me one of their Lounge Collars and new Pods ID tags!

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

These soft leather lounge collars are handmade in a whole variety of colors and styles – and you can even have one made with colors of your choosing, which is what I did with this fun gray and teal wrap collar.

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Pods Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

The lounge collars are thin and slip right over your dog’s neck, and now I don’t have to worry about being id-less at night since I have something comfortable to wear to bed.

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

With the lounge collar you can attach your dog’s existing tags to it, or pick up one of these fun Pods from Blanket ID!

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

The pods unscrew at the top so you can insert some information about your dog on their included weather-resistant paper.

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

The Pods come in 4 fun colors (orange, purple, silver, and dark gray), and are waterproof, lightweight, and easily updated should you ever move. They are even great for using when you are on vacation as you can update it quickly to have your vacation address on it.

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund

So whichever method of ID you choose from Blanket ID, they have you covered in making sure your dog is always easily identified.

You can shop for your Lounge Collars HERE and your Pods HERE!

And now for the best part….

Blanketid Lounge Collar & Podz Review & Giveaway // Ammo the Dachshund


FOUR Lucky WINNERS will win a Pod from Blanket ID (one of each color will be given away)

Here’s HOW TO WIN:

For this giveaway I will be using, Rafflecopter. Winners will be chosen at random and you will be contacted via e-mail to claim your prize. Don’t worry, we never share your information! All the winners will also be announced on this blog post once the giveaway ends on 5/27/14 12AM EST. Open to readers worldwide. Winners must claim their prizes within 48 hours of being notified or prize will be forfeited. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Blanket ID, however all opinions are my own. Ammo the Dachshund

Don’t forget, today is the last day to enter my giveaway for a Happy Dog Bowl from JClay Pottery!

  1. cate05-19-14

    We adore you little Ammo – thanks so much for a great review! You look super in your Lounge Collar, but did you know that you can wear that outside too? It’s strong enough for rough and tumble when you are playing in the yard, which we know you like to do 🙂

    • Ammo05-19-14

      Oh yes, I may have forgotten to mention that but I’ve been wearing them outdoors too!

  2. PennyH05-19-14

    I love this one with the teal. I would love one with purple & one with orange as well.

  3. Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWiener05-19-14

    We got to try the PODS too. I registered them separately but then learned that you can just add your existing BlanketID to the paper inside.

    I’ve really been eyeing the lounge collars. I stopped putting collars on Chester and Gretel in the house a long time ago because they would rub a raw spot on their neck. I fear what would happen if they ever escaped though. Perhaps these lounge collars are a good solution for us.

    • Ammo05-19-14

      Yes, I admit I was a “go naked indoors” kinda dog too. But it made my mom worry about what would happen if I ever got out. Now with the lounge collar I’ve always got id on when laying around the house.

  4. JB05-19-14

    Oh Ammo, You look absolutely DREAMY in your new sleep collar.

  5. Tori05-19-14

    Flynn would like the dark grey pod like the one on your collar Ammo.

  6. R. Whitlock05-19-14



  7. R. Whitlock05-19-14


  8. Kelli S05-19-14

    Such a great idea!

  9. Patti Stimpfl05-19-14

    Magda would love this!!!

  10. Margaret wurth05-19-14

    I love it

  11. Melissa05-20-14

    Hi there! The lounge collar from Blanket ID is such a fantastic idea! We take Leeloo’s collar off in the house so she can be comfy, but it would be horrible if she ran away! Also, I entered, but it would not let me add my email address – it is Thanks!

  12. Trish Marquez05-20-14

    Those are really cute. Mine also sleep in the nude but they are micro chipped, although having hanging tags would hopefully bring them home faster.

  13. Rebekah05-20-14

    Coco would love one in orange to match her harness and leash.

  14. Erica05-20-14

    These are beautiful! I love the idea of the pod, all the colors are great but I’m fond of the silver and dark gray.

  15. Janine05-20-14

    I would love any color. How fun, thanks!!

  16. MK05-20-14

    My little guy would love one of these in silver! Looks like a really great ID system!

  17. Amy @ Life With Doxies05-20-14

    Swift would totally love this in orange! That’s his favorite color! I’ve been meaning to get a blanket id, and this would be awesome to win!

  18. Annie H05-20-14

    Love the orange and dark grey!

  19. Debbie05-20-14

    My little gal would look great in orange. Thanks!

  20. Julie wilson05-21-14

    My dachshund Cody would look great in silver or dark gray.

  21. susana05-21-14

    my dog would def love the purple!!!!

  22. Tiffany05-22-14

    Hi Ammo! Devo would look pretty snazzy in orange I think. He also goes naked in the house but we have a fence that goes all the way around the house too.

  23. Amy05-22-14

    My dogs would love black or blue.

  24. Tracy05-22-14

    My sweet Lille would look beautiful wearing this!

  25. Shelley P05-23-14

    We just adopted a Chihuahua mix who would love the orange or purple pod 🙂

  26. Miranda05-24-14

    He’s adorable!

  27. Cyndi Makan05-25-14

    Our little doxie, Prince looks just like Ammo.. he is 18 months old and he will also look great in turquoise.. thanks 🙂

  28. Rick Johnson05-26-14

    Silver or black

    Ted the labradoodle

  29. Kelly Ann T.05-26-14

    Artie would like the silver pod

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