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Noodle & Friends Stroodle

07 Jan Posted by in Product Review | 9 comments

Disclaimer: This review is a sponsored post by Noodle & Friends.

My friends over at Noodle and Friends recently sent me one of their new microfleece sweaters to test out. They must have known that it’s been bitterly cold here in Pennsylvania, reaching into the single digit temperatures just last week!

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

This “Stroodle” as it’s called, was just what I needed to give me that extra added warmth in this cold weather.

The Noodle Stroodle is a luxe microfleece lounging sweater designed just for dachshunds. Like a second skin, it’s perfect for indoor lounging, napping and playing when your thermostat might be set a bit too low (which according to us dachshunds is ALL THE TIME).

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

I’m wearing the medium size, which surprisingly fit my chest and under belly perfectly and it isn’t even hard to get into at all. It’s hard to find a dachshund fleece that fits our bodies so snuggly.

The Stroodle comes in 4 sizes and colors from petal pink, sky blue (which is what I’m wearing), cherry red, and navy blue.

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

The Stroodle was so comfy, that I was ready for nap time almost instantly.

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

Even though the Stroodle is designed to be an indoor lounging coat, I’ve find it to be quite useful as an extra layer when I’m on the farm.

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

Wearing the Stroodle under my Noodle and Friends Blizzard Parka gives me that extra warmth I need to be on the farm helping with chores.

Noodle and Friends Stroodle // Ammo the Dachshund

Ok well maybe chores isn’t the right word, hunting expeditions might be more like it!

You can fetch your own Stroodle from Noodle and Friends for $35.

Noodle & Friends [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter] [YoutubeAmmo the Dachshund

Disclosure: I received products in exchange for a review. All opinions are entirely my own, and I tell it like it is!

  1. JB01-07-14

    Looking good Ammo! Stay warm!

  2. Jana01-07-14

    Looks PAWsitively delightful. You look very handsome I might add.

    • Ammo01-07-14

      Thanks! It’s come in quite handy in this cold. Today it was -26 with the windchill here. Brrrrrr!

  3. pattyb01-07-14

    I got as far as “Wearing my Stroodle under my Noodle”, made me laugh. Ammo you are so cute and your suggestions are awesome. I have already bought some of the products you like so thank you!

    • Ammo01-07-14

      Haha that is a funny sentence! Glad I could help you find some fun products!

  4. Ruth Oliver01-24-16

    Our boy loves his Noodle coat!

  5. Susie Campos Baker01-24-16

    My boy Max loves his Noodle fleece too! He has the same color as you do Ammo!!

  6. Janet DiVietro Sylvester01-24-16

    My Buddy loves his noodle fleece.. Where’s it all the time in winter!he has the light blue one and navy onefits him perfect and keeps him warm.

  7. Jennifer Hite01-24-16

    Looking mighty cute pal❤

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