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Imagination Hat – Dinosaur Land

26 Jul Posted by in Play | 3 comments

As you may already know, I’m on an imagination adventure while my pal Minnow the Painting Pony is performing at Pony Penning all week with my mom. On tuesday I went to outer space, yesterday I went under the sea and today I’m on a journey to Dinosaur Land!

Imagination Hat - Ammo the Dachshund - Dinosaur Land

I brought my binoculars with me, because I’m really hoping to see some Dinosaurs up close and personal!

Imagination Hat - Ammo the Dachshund - Dinosaur Land

Wouldn’t it be awesome if I saw a T-Rex? Did you know my mom and dad almost named me T-Rex (which is awesome by the way) on account of my stubby little arms.

Imagination Hat - Ammo the Dachshund - Dinosaur Land

I’m just as scary as a T-Rex too…just check out my ferocious growl! So don’t worry, should I happen upon any Dinosaurs I can totally hold my own! Ammo the Dachshund


  1. Jane07-26-12

    Ammo, I bet this week is going by fast for you with all the great places your imagination is taking you! I am enjoying your adventures.

  2. Jana07-26-12

    Your lookin cute as ever Ammo. Hope you find your dinosaur.

    • Ammo07-29-12

      Thanks! My imagination adventures where a blast!

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