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Fetching Finds: Lands End Carry Bag for Dachshunds

17 Apr Posted by in Fetching Finds | 12 comments
Fetching Finds: Lands End Carry Bag for Dachshunds

landsend carry bag for dogs

Ok, as embarrassing as it is that I’m riding around inside a tote bag in a shopping cart – there is a good explanation for this!

See, on a day-to-day basis I pretty much go everywhere with my Mom – yet there are some places that don’t necessarily hang a “dogs welcome” sign on the door. But seeing as how there are always some exceptions to the rules, mom decided that if I had a bag for these rare occasions that I might be able to tag along anyway. And if riding in a tote bag means that I don’t have to stay home alone, then I’m willing to swallow my pride – as long as no one tells Trooper!

landsend carry bag for dogs

When my new bag arrived I admit, it looked pretty spiffy.

lands end dog tote

It was a Lands End canvas tote bag designed just for dogs. It came complete with a firm base at the bottom for me to stand on, an outside pocket to stash my treats, a zipper to close the top, a neck hole, and a leash attachment for my collar (although I probably won’t use the attachment – just for safety reasons incase I ever fell out or anything).

lands end dog tote

Now I bet your next question is – did I fit? Being as I’m built more like a hot dog than most small dogs, length is an important factor here. Since I’m 17 inches long I probably won’t ever be able to lay down in the bag, but I can sit comfortably in it.

lands end dog tote

Mom says my new bag is designed to hold up to 20 lbs – and after weighing in at a muscular 18 lbs (I’m much bigger than a mini Dachshund) this bag seems more than strong enough to hold my muscular self.

lands end dog tote

I took my new bag for a spin around Lowes yesterday – and it was way more comfortable to sit in than on the mesh-like floor of the cart. Mom also carried me around in it for a bit which is quite fun for me – but Mom says my muscular self is a bit heavy to carry around for too long.

And incase you are looking for a new bag to embarrass carry your dog around in too, here’s my list of pros and cons:


  • Can hold up to 20 lbs (much more than most dog carry bags out there)
  • Has a nice solid base to stand on
  • Has a neck hole to stick your head out of
  • Zips up
  • Isn’t too “Paris Hilton” if you know what I mean!
  • Budget friendly at $50 (or $35 if you buy it on special right now)


  • If it were truly made to fit a Dachshund body it could stand to be a tad bit longer with the neck hole a little  deeper as well
  • The shoulder straps could be a bit shorter to make it more comfortable for carrying a heavy muscular dog
  • A harness attachment would be a much safer than having a collar attachment

You can fetch your own Lands End Canvas Pet Tote for $50 – or they are currently running a 30% off + free shipping special on their site with will bring it down to $35 before tax!

*disclosure: I was not paid or perked to write this review – I just thought my fans might be interested to hear my review of my new doggie tote bag!

 *UPDATE: For those of you looking for the coupon code for Lands End the deal is 30% off everything + free shipping on orders over $50. Use Promotion Code: ENJOY30 PIN: 1850 Promotion ends 4/23/12 at 11:59pm CST

  1. Reuben04-17-12

    Looking good there Ammo! I no is very good at going incognito like that, for my barkings always gives me away. I love the 5th photo down – it is quite adorable.

  2. Amy04-17-12

    I love that bag! I think you are just adorable in it – I mean handsome. Thanks for trying it out and reviewing it for us.

  3. Erin04-18-12

    Are there storage pockets for people stuff like a wallet or keys?
    I really like the look of it. Does it get warm really fast?

    • Ammo04-18-12

      There is one outside pocket that could fit some keys or a wallet (or dog cookies if you like that sort of thing). I’ve only taken one ride in it so far (on a 90 degree day) and I did not get hot in it, but there are no air vents in the side or anything. You could leave the top unzipped though if you thought more air was needed.

  4. Jean Assell04-20-12

    That REALLY is nice! I like the way it’s not too fru-fru for my boy pooch Barney! Thanks Ammo!!!

  5. Tricia Shannon07-08-13

    I have bought others and my mini dachshund is too short to fit the dog carrier! he was strangled by the collar and just didn’t fit. Would love to find one where my wiener dog fits comfortably.

    • Ammo07-11-13

      It’s definitely challenging to find dachshund friendly carriers!

  6. Lois07-11-13

    Ammo, approximately how high is the neck hole from the bottom of the bag? I also have a mini dachshund. Do you think the neck hole is low enough for a mini? You look very handsome in it, but it does look like you could use a little more length.

    • Ammo07-11-13

      From the base to the neck opening it is 7″. But you can crunch it down some – maybe to 4/5″ especially if your dog isn’t tall. Hope that helps! I do wish it was a bit longer, but I am VERY long and I weigh a lot more than a true mini dachshund.

      • Lois07-14-13

        Thank you for your help, Ammo! We ordered one and I think we will love it. Thank you so much for posting your recommendations. It makes ordering so much more comfortable, especially seeing how it fits with your size. My little girl is only 10 lbs. We love your pictures…you are a great model! 🙂

  7. Jacqui12-07-16

    I am looking for a tote for my Dachshund. He is nearly 20lb and 17 inches long too. Have you found anything comparable? Or has this tote stood the test of time?

    • Ammo12-07-16

      You might want to checkout Love Thy Beast they have totes for bigger dogs (and I’m about the same size as your dog) and I fit great in their bags which are a little deeper.

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