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The Super Hero Code

08 Mar Posted by in Home, Play | 10 comments

ammo the dachshund super hero

Being a Super Hero means many different things. Not only do you have duties to uphold, but you also have to live by the Super Hero Code. And since you are my friends, I’m going to share with you the super top-secret Super Hero Code. Which means this is on a need-to know basis….and I better not find it all over Facebook! *wink*

Ammo’s Super Hero Code

ammo the dachshund super hero

1. You have to look extra dashing in your Super Hero cape (spandex tights are optional – as not everyone can pull those off).

ammo the dachshund super hero

2. You have to have a charming smile that makes everyone instantly fall in love with you. (This one’s for the ladies).

ammo the dachshund super hero

3. You need to be able to bark in the face of danger (growling can be substituted if need be), because Super Heroes can’t be weenies.

ammo the dachshund super hero

4. Your greatest weapon is your nose, and a great Super Hero can smell friend or foe from a mile away.

ammo the dachshund super hero

5. You need to have bulging muscles and the ability to think on your toes.

ammo the dachshund super hero

6. You have to be smart and courageous or at least hide the fact that you like to snuggle under the covers with your mom at night.

ammo the dachshund super hero

7. All Super Heroes like cookies. (and we’re never too proud to accept donations – please see my mailing address below) *wink*

ammo the dachshund super hero

8. You must never take yourself too seriously, and laugh everyday.

ammo the dachshund super hero

9. You must have a heart of gold

ammo the dachshund super hero

10. And most importantly….Super Heroes don’t have to clean their bedrooms, pick up their toys, or brush their teeth. Did you hear that mom? It’s in the code! *wink*


Now go forth and be Super everyday!

  1. Linda03-08-12

    Oh Ammo, you did it again. You made me smile today. I love you little buddy! 🙂

  2. Jean Assell03-08-12

    #9 is so cute, OMG!

  3. Jane03-08-12

    Ammo, you have all the requirements of the Super Hero Code and more!!!

  4. Amy @ LifewithDoxies03-08-12

    Thanks for showing us how to be super heroes, Ammo.

  5. Spoiled Doxie03-08-12

    Ammo you are the perfect Superhero! You really set the bar high!

  6. Hailey's Lady03-08-12

    Love it! I think my Lee could use some lessons from you:)

  7. Trooper02-22-15

    Hey little buddy- I think you nailed that one pretty well!! Love you little guy!!!

  8. Heidi the Wonder Dachshund02-22-15

    You are my hero. Love you Ammo and I love a man who loves his mom.

    • Ammo02-23-15

      hehe thanks Heidi, I’m blushing!

  9. Cathy Thompson02-08-16

    I love your Super Hero Code! I think it and you Ammo are wonderful! Have a great day!! Love Jasmine

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