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13 Sep Posted by in Farm, Play | 4 comments

When nasty Hurricane Irene came blowing through my town a few weeks ago it was lights out at my house for a little while. And when I posted a picture of me playing board games in the dark on my facebook page, my pals over at Glowdoggie decided to help a pal out!

So, when my Glowdoggie LED collar arrived a few weeks later, I did what any dog with a super cool new waterproof led light-up safety collar would do….

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie led collar

…Fashion Show!

Sorry, I know, that was kinda girly of me – so to redeem myself I made sure to also take some photos in my rough and tumble lifestyle. (aka the farm). And just because I enjoy a good fashion show doesn’t make me any less of a farm dog!

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

I have to admit, I look pretty dashing in red, and this thing is just MEANT for adventurous dogs like me!

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

Mom says that since the sun will be setting sooner I’m going to have to wear my glowdoggie collar every evening out on the farm to keep me safe.

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

Did you know that the Glowdoggie collar is German engineered? Which pretty much means it was totally designed for me, you know, because Dachshunds are German.

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

So far I was digging my new Glowdoggie collar, but there was really only one way to put it to the test.

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

I had to take it down a groundhog hole!!

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

Now that I have a light to show me the way I am a much more efficient digger.

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

And those groundhogs are gonna have no idea what hit them!

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

ammo the dachshund glowdoggie collar

If you can’t tell by the look on my face, I’m one happy ground-hog hunting dog, and the Glowdoggie collar passed my rigorous hole burrowing test!

You can fetch your own Glowdoggie collar here .

UPDATE: My friends over at Glowdoggie have kindly offered anyone who mentions “Ammo” during checkout will get FREE SHIPPING on their Glowdoggie collar to the US! Yippee!

  1. Cindy Brake09-13-11

    That’s a pretty cool collar Ammo, and yes, red is definitely your color:)

  2. Pia09-13-11

    you look really amazing with your new collar and of course you look fabulous in red! and the winter is coming soon so you will have to wear your new collar even longer. 🙂

    dachshund kiss

  3. Jennifer Turner09-14-11

    Love the Glowdoggie collar! My Lab/Mastiff Hotchi has one and we can see him in the park at night and early morning too! Thank goodness. A safe doggy is a happy doggy!

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