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26 Jul Posted by in Farm | 1 comment

This is my favorite pony, Minnow.

minnow the painting pony

Minnow is a famous painter, so famous, that every year he gets invited to return to his roots and visit Chincoteague Island for the annual Pony Penning, and paint for the thousands of visitors to the island.

minnow the painting pony

But, instead of taking me as his assistant, he took my mom. Which (boo hoo) is exactly why I refused to help him paint right before he left!

ammo in tall grass

See, that’s me, refusing to help.

ammo in tall grass

And if you need further proof, here’s me pretending to sleep so I won’t have to help him pack for his trip either.

ammo in tall grass

I’m not sure if I can make it all week without my momma. And even worse……I don’t get to go to the farm either! What am I gonna do!?

P.S. Minnow, if you are reading this, you better bring me back something good!

  1. Linda07-26-11

    Ammo, you need to busy your little self with chasing squirrels and groundhogs!

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