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Napping at Work

31 Mar Posted by in Work | 8 comments
Napping at Work

Luckily for me my boss allows me to take naps while on the job. One of the many perks. (I also get belly rubs and snacks for free- it’s in my contract).

However, napping on the job can sometimes be an art. Sometimes getting comfy requires a little creativity. So today I’m going to share with you my helpful guide for getting your snooze on at work. (Use with caution – or at least when your boss isn’t looking)

This one I call the “watchful eye”, useful when wanting to nap, but still keep an eye out. You know, in case something important might happen.


This is the “Sneaky Snake”. Very handy around corners and tight spaces – not recommended for “non-hot-dog-shaped bodies”.


The “leg cross” is a favorite of mine.  Gives you an extra boost of luck. One can never be too lucky.


The “dog-bed crash” is always a good one. Always make sure to do a little “fluffing” first.


“Blankie Necktie” is great for when it’s a bit chilly out. Just don’t wrap up too tightly, you won’t be able to get out in case of fire.


The “crescent roll” is prefect for a busy day at the office. You’re free of cumbersome blankets, but still able to keep your legs nice and toasty.


Shoot. How did this photo end up in here? Pay no attention to this. Seriously. It was just an itch on my leg. I swear!


“The Cave” is the best. Dark enough for hibernation but not too dark that you miss a meal.


“Sunbathing” – definitely a must if you are looking a little pasty. Also perfect on a cold day, just don’t “bake” for too long. No one likes an overcooked hot dog.


And last but not least we have the “Hot Dog in a Blanket”. Why re-invent the wheel, classics never die.


If anyone catches me napping at work please know this. No. 1 If you have cookies and don’t wake me up for some I WILL hold a grudge. No. 2 Please don’t come to my place of work without cookies, I WILL hold a grudge. That is all.





  1. Julynn Whitlock03-31-11

    Ammo I so love your blog. You are so creative, you bring a smile to my face everyday. My 2 Mini Dachshunds are huge fans of yours! 🙂

    • Ammo03-31-11

      Yeah! I’m glad you like reading about my antics!

  2. Adventureweiner03-31-11

    It looks like you are giving this nap thing serious attention to detail. Chester and Gretel love the cave.

  3. Cindy03-31-11

    You’ve certainly researched this one well Ammo! Mine love the cave, and of course, sun bathing is a close second.

  4. Tia Crawford02-25-16

    I would come with treats just to visit you!

  5. Donna Lauer Bucelli02-25-16

    I will bring you a cookie next time I come.

  6. Jennifer Hite02-25-16

    You have a great boss sweetie

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