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Chalk it Up

03 Dec Posted by in Play | Comments
Chalk it Up

Lately I’ve been a little worried I might end up like this guy from Houndstoothdesign….

It all started when my mom saw this image on the internet.

source unkown

See my mom has decided that she loves Chalkboard paint.

First it was a chalkboard for the kitchen.

I guess I am kinda flattered that my “likeness” got to be the first thing to go up on the board.

Then it was the mini-fridge.

Actually, it’s just my size. Do dog bones need to be refridgerated?

And then it was the chalkboard canvas in the bedroom.

I just hope those “presents” under the tree are for me.

I guess I can get on board with the whole chalkboard thing…..just as long as I get to draw on them too!

P.S. Mom said that all my blog readers would appreciate a list of materials used to make these chalky creations. So here you go!

Kitchen Chalkboard:

  • 16×20 Piece of Masonite – already had (available at Lowes)
  • Valspar Chalkboard Paint* – about $13 at Lowes
  • 16×20 Picture Frame – already had
  • Spraypaint for picture frame – about $4 at Lowes

Mini-Fridge Chalkboard:

  • Mini-Fridge – salvaged from grandma’s beachhouse
  • Valspar Chalkboard Paint* – already had
  • Spraypaint for handle – already had

Chalkboard Canvas:

  • Wood board cut to make stretcher bars (45″ x 55″) – about $15 at Lowes
    *mitre all 4 corners together using nails & wood glue
  • Corrugated Plastic* – about $20 (can be purchased at most picture framers & perhaps art supply stores)
    (screw corrugated plastic into surface of stretcher bars to add rigidity – Masonite or perhaps cardboard could be substituted)
  • Unprimed Canvas* – already had (available at most art supply stores)
    (stretch around stretcher bars to create canvas look)
  • Valspar Chalkboard Paint* – already had
    (an already stretched and primed canvas can also be used – purchase at an art supply store. if you want to add rigidity unstretch, apply corrugated plastic & restretch)

Total Cost for projects: $52

*contains affiliate links

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