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It’s Gettin’ Chilly up in Here

13 Oct Posted by in Farm | 5 comments
It’s Gettin’ Chilly up in Here

Ok well it was chilly, then it got hot again, but I’m pretty certain that it WILL be chilly again. I have my paws crossed that we get lots and lots of snow just like last winter. Mom said not to hope for that because that just means more shoveling for her at home and the farm. But lucky for me I don’t have hands….so I get a reprieve from shovel duty, thus my desire for snow.

I love the snow so much that last year mom invested in a winter rain coat for me from Noodle & Friends.

I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty rough on the thing. After a winter season of record breaking snow, wrestling matches with Trooper, and some woodland escapades I put a few “dents” in the ole’ winter coat. Lets just say I lost a few buttons along the way and I’m still gonna deny I know where that rip in it came from! I think Trooper did it!

Anyway, mom said she felt sorry for me in my tattered coat seeing as how the “chill” would be coming soon.

So as luck would have it, check out what arrived in the mail yesterday!

It’s my new winter coat from Noodle & Friends!

Maybe if I close my eyes and wish hard enough then the snow will come early!

Mom says when I visit the farm this winter I’m going to have to wear my yellow raincoat on top of this one to keep warm. Bummer. How the heck am I supposed to be nimble and spry with all those coats on?

Oh well, atleast I look super stylish.

A bonus to my new coat…..I got a super sweet squeaky toy!

Don't taunt me squeaky……I will eat you!

winter image from here.

  1. pat schin10-13-10

    Ammo, you look so handsome in your new coat. Love the color. Remember, layering is good too.

    • Ammo10-13-10

      Why thank you. I think I look good in teal too!

  2. Linda10-13-10

    Ammo, you started my day off with a smile seeing you in your new winter coat! You look soooo dapper and handsome in it. I can’t wait to hear about all the winter adventures that are yet to come while you will be wearing your new duds!

    • Ammo10-13-10

      oh you can bet I will be having some adventures this winter!

  3. Gabriel Aviña11-27-13

    me encanto el abrigo, donde lo puedo conseguir en mexico?

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