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Cider Doughnuts & Bubble Baths

12 Oct Posted by in Farm | 3 comments
Cider Doughnuts & Bubble Baths

I live in farm country. Right out my back door is rolling farmland, cows, horses, and the sweet smell of manure. It’s a dog’s dream really.

Chester County, PA is a hot spot for farmers – and the neighboring Amish in Lancaster County too.

Taking a drive in farm country is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. And that’s just what I got to do on Sunday!

ahhh the sweet smell of farm land

yuck! I think a bug flew up my nose!

When we arrived at our farmland destination I could smell livestock, apples & pumpkins! We were at Highland Orchards! Mom said the Orchard makes the best apple cider & cider doughnuts in the fall…..this was probably why the line wrapped around the building.

Apparently though, it’s not fall unless you wait in the line for a taste of warm cider doughnuts – unfortunately I had to wait in the car.

But the good news is I got a taste when we got to Iron Horse Farm, which is just around the corner from the orchard.

just waiting for my doughnut

oh no! Cricket's getting in on my begging act

come on I'm way cuter than her!

that's it just a little lower!

After doughnuts and cider I had a quick training session with my pal Minnow. We’re working on a super cool new act to debut at the Equine Extravaganza in a few weeks! I’m excited to show everyone when it’s finished!

Then it was back home for….BATHTIME!??

Oh wait, I forgot, I’m one of those strange dogs that loves to get baths! I pretty much jump into the tub everyday just hoping someone will come in and turn the water on for me…if only I had opposable thumbs!

mmmmm….all fresh and clean. can we do it again?

Well looks like I’ll just have to go looking for something stinky to roll in so I can get another bath! I’m thinking stink bugs….since we’re pretty much infested with them right now!

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  1. pat schin10-12-10

    Oh Ammo, come to my house…my girls don’t like tubby wubbies(well Zuzu does). You’d make clean sheet day at our house so easy:) PS doxies are so much cuter than cats.

    • Ammo10-12-10

      ooooh I love clean sheet day!

  2. Linda10-12-10

    Ammo, I sure hope you didn’t roll in something super stinky after your bubble bath!

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